Hello and welcome.

A day painting the kitchen, tomorrow put the new shelves up. Last week finally finished Jafer’s studio that did my back for a few weeks a few months ago.

One of my friends asked this week why do refugees not stay in the first place they arrive at. I will try and explain my point of view about this issue because I know how upsetting it is for some that people want to resettle in UK.

If the only aspiration you have in life is to be safe you will certainly be happy to live anywhere you could achieve that. And five million Syrian’s are doing precisely that in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.

However after 4 years with your family in a tent, living on charity handouts you might feel it is not likely you will be able to return home and rebuild your life. It you have supported your family in the past it is not good for your self esteem to wake up and do nothing all day with your children getting bored and asking you when will their life get better.

What would you do in that situation?

The EU referendum debate continues and the various shades of right wing opinion are arguing about whether we can keep more foreigners out if stay in or out of the EU. Any friends of mine that want to know what I think about this issue are going to be disappointed. I couldn’t care less.

I saw one poster from a trade union telling us what the EU has done for us. I’m sorry but I don’t accept they ‘did’ things for us. They were pressured by us to improve our rights in the workplace etc. And we have to keep up the pressure because the moment we become complacent they will try and reverse the rights we have fought for.

Whilst I don’t accept that our rights and freedoms are a gift to us we have to consider how best to protect and enhance them. With a Tory government led by Boris? Or by remaining in the EU and continuing to make alliances with other progressive people?

I want to talk about my relationship with Curtis Mayfield. I wasn’t even aware of him for the first twenty years of my life. In the early 1980s The Jam did a cover version of ‘Move on Up’, which Curtis did the original for. In the mid 80s I was browsing in a record stall in Camden Market and came across ‘The Best of Curtis Mayfield’. It’s a great LP. It’s all there, from the extended version of Move on Up to a track called Back to the World about a soldiers return home and his struggle to live a normal life. Then there’s Miss Black America, a father’s message to his daughter. And then there’s We’ve Got to have Peace, which speaks for itself.

About five years after I purchased this LP I lived in a flat that got burgled. My stereo was taken. And my LP that was still on the record player. The bastards. I was just left with the cover. I got a new record player but I couldn’t get the record back. Now with the aid of the internet all is not lost.

Things I recommend; get a bit of Curtis in your life, I recommend you close your eyes and listen to Back to the World and allow yourself to be transported to audio paradise.

Things I don’t recommend; being manipulated to see your problems as the fault of your neighbours. Wake up and see who’s benefiting. And if you can’t go on a river cruise up or down the Thames, you might notice where some of the wealth is.



  1. It’s fantastic to see that you have started to share your experiences and words if wisdom with the masses. I for one always enjoy reading your work and think you have an amazing talent! I hope everyone enjoys reading as much as I do 🙌🏻💫

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