Art for art’s sake


We’re on the Wembley way

Tonight Palace face reading and the chance to reach the first cup semi-final for ages.  My most memorable match still remains the 1990 semi v Liverpool at Villa Park.  We’d been stuffed 9-0 by them at Anfield that season.  In the days before electronic scoreboards our two forwards Ian Wright and Mark Bright remember looking at each other and asking what the score was, they’d lost count.  It was a travesty of a result.  It should have been 9-1 but Geoff Thomas missed the penalty the referee awarded us in sympathy.  Well the scousers got a sympathetic decision for a penalty at the weekend so that’s hopefully evened things up.

Don’t be a tosser

I have grown to understand something about art since I started regularly blogging on fb and now through WordPress.  It is how risky a proposition it is to expose yourself through your art.  I think it must be true whether you paint, create music or write.  I’m just a beginner so can’t begin to understand it fully but I think the point of art is to have an impact on your audience.  I once worked with a colleague who was introduced to the singer from Divine Comedy and he asked him what sort of music he was into.  He said ‘I don’t listen to anyone else’s music, I just listen to my own’.  Whether he was being truthful or acting the tosser we’ll never know.  Art without an audience seems pointless to me.  That might be just my lack of education showing but it’s what makes sense to me at the moment.  So I am now more in awe of those who choose a life of self-exposure.  I guess that’s why I’m drawn to artists like Lou Reed, Ian Curtis, Kevin Rowland, Jarvis Cocker, Elvis Costello and Morrissey, they don’t hide behind the safety of ‘safe’ subject matter but explore some intensely personal area of their life.

Successful blogging

So, I decided to blog publicly to see what would happen.  And to help me I thought I’d read up on ‘how to write a successful blog’.  Turns out I haven’t been doing too badly without this guide to success.

  • The broader and more general your blog’s topic (e.g., technology), the harder it’ll be to gain an audience

Well, I got that wrong, because I concern myself with my life, football, music, politics, current affairs and family matters.  Perhaps this blogging thing ain’t for me.

  • Keep writing great content

????  I will just keep on saying what I think.  Hasn’t done me too much harm so far.

  • Attention-grabbing headlines can make or break your post

I’ll bear that in mind.

  • Join in the blogging community

???? Hmmm.  Not sure I like being told to join in anything.  Never have.

  • Learn from your existing audience

I was already doing this so will carry on.  Feedback is important.

  • Make your blog Google-Friendly

Sound like bollocks to me.

  • Write like yourself

I can’t do anything but.

Think I’ll take it all with a pinch of salt and carry on with what feels right.  And how do you measure success?  By how much money you make from something seems to be the point of many of these guides.  For me it’s about trying to make a connection with you.  The more people I can do that with the better.

Things I recommend; stay true to yourself.  If something stinks, there’s probably some shit somewhere it’s coming from.

Things I don’t recommend; taking easy options all the time, have an adventure.








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