The allure of hatred

An awful day. I wake up to the news that 20 have been killed in a city I visited less than a month ago. I wish that was the extent of it but the latest body count is 80 people with 186 injured. This morning men, women, Turkish, Kurdish woke up to go on a demonstration against the government’s policies and will not wake up again. How can you have belief in democracy on a day like this? On my daily blog whilst on holiday I mentioned the super patriots. They are the people who love their country so much they wish war on anyone who disagrees with them. Today is a good day for them. They will try and persuade others that war is the only option.

I make no apologies for speaking out. For if I am silent, and others are silent too there really is no hope for the future. And as a father and uncle I want my sons, nephews and nieces to have hope. I really don’t know if I am speaking to myself or if anyone is reading this but I have to fight my tendency to feel depressed. I hope I am not alone in thinking there has to be a political solution to Turkey’s problems. Have you had enough of the funerals yet?

Ankara, October 2015



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