Don’t be too organised



Earlier in the week I attended a meeting and the person chairing it said

‘I haven’t prepared for this’.

I thought that was a brilliant statement that sums up my life.  So if you want to know what happens next, so do I.  If you tell me it might save me having to work it out.

When you get angry or upset do you throw photos in frames across the room?  No? Perhaps you throw a vase instead?  I’m getting sick and tired of these actions being scripted in Eastenders when they want to show that characters are upset. It feels as if they’re stereotyping working class people as being incapable of expressing emotions in any other way.

An artist I love is Edwyn Collins.  In the early 80s he was the lead singer of Orange Juice and they had a hit single called ‘Rip it Up’.  Orange Juice were one of a fine cluster of Scottish bands such as Fire Engines, Aztec Cameras and the Associates that rose from the ashes of punk.  I remember seeing a fine band from Aberdeen called APB in Camden one night in that time.  Life moved on for both Edwyn and myself and years later as a solo artist he had another hit called ‘Girl Like You’ with an infectious guitar riff resonant of the Isley Brothers ‘Summer Breeze’.

Then in 2005 whilst at home with his wife and son preparing Sunday’s dinner he collapsed and was rushed to hospital.  His wife was told to gather up those who were significant in his life.  The inference being that he was not expected to live much longer.  What had occurred was a cerebral haemorrhage. He had two bleeds in his brain he was in a coma for 10 days and then spent six months in hospital recovering slowly.  He had limited speech, limited movement and no memory of his past material.  He had to learn to speak and play music all over again.  If you have seven minutes spare today or over the next few days I urge you to watch the video clip from Channel Four.  It will make you laugh and cry and rejoice in the possibilities of life.  I also attach a youtube clip of a song he recorded after this event, ‘Searching for the Truth’, which is something I’m looking for too.

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Use of this image is not an endorsement of myself or my work.


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