Small world

I watched a documentary on BBC2 on Wednesday night called Employable Me.  I was enjoying it as it was well made and was making me laugh but then something happened and I was overcome with emotion.  In a week when the government backed down on plans to turn the screw on people claiming Personal Independence Payments it was a reminder of the discrimination people with disabilities face trying to get work.

Some time ago I raved about Future Islands.  If any of you checked them out and liked what you heard I recommend another outfit called Funeral Party who debuted with a fine lp in 2011.  I’m still waiting for the follow up.

We live in a small world.  I’ve often said that if you put two Cypriots together, within five minutes they have discovered they are related, or know someone to whom they’re related or have some other connection which means you have now acquired another person to invite to your next family wedding.  A couple of weeks ago I was eating out with Penny in a local Turkish restaurant and the waiter started speaking to us about his home village and I explained to Penny that it was the same village as my cousin’s ex-wife Akile was from.  Well, it turns out this waiter was a first cousin of Akile.  Another time I was in London getting a minicab back home after a night out and I got speaking to the Turkish driver and he asked where my parents hailed from.  When I told him my dad’s village one question led to another and he told me where my dad hung out in Newington Green.  It had been some years since I’d had contact with him but one cab journey changed that.

I’ve been suffering with cold symptoms for most of the week, everything from a temperature, a cough, a streaming nose but the worst is behind me and after taking two days off work am recovering.

In another awful week news wise there was at least the news that Radovan Karadzic was sentenced to 40 years for his role in the massacre of civilians in Bosnia only 20 years or so ago.  I hope it is clear that all races are capable of evil acts.


It’s now looking likely that it will be Trump v Clinton later this year.  I hope Clinton makes an effort to reach out to Bernie’s supporters otherwise she and the rest of us may be doomed to have an idiot in charge of one of the world’s most powerful countries.  Surely the American’s are too smart to put such a man in charge you ask?  I just say two things.  Ronald Reagan and George Bush the Second.

When people were killed in Paris lots of people changed their cover photo.  I thought instead I would express my feelings with words that week.  I’m intrinsically suspicious to any activity that is adopted by the majority.  On Facebook I often get asked to share something or other if I agree with it, and am told if I don’t it’s because I don’t care enough.  Enough!  I will share what I want when I want and not because I’m being guilt-tripped into it.

Things I recommend; watch Wednesday’s episode of Employable Me on IPlayer.

Things I don’t recommend; following the crowd.

Srebrenica mass grave


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