Steelworkers shafted by their own government


This week the steel workers of this country have discovered that the owners of their business are prepared to abandon them and their communities. The Chinese are blamed for selling their steel too cheaply. The European Union is blamed for not protecting European steel workers. The German’s manage to look after their industries and last time I looked on the map they were in Europe. When the European Union wanted to raise the price of Chinese steel coming into the continent who was arguing and refusing to allow this to happen? The British government. I don’t blame the Chinese government, they are only doing what’s in their best interests. It’s a disgrace that our government is not prepared to do the same. But then, steel workers aren’t the biggest supporters of the Conservative Party and they are witnessing the contempt this government has for any group that opposes them, whether it be students who’s tuition fees go up, the young who aren’t entitled to the same increase in the minimum wage or the poor and disabled who’s poverty is just too inconvenient to this shameless, immoral government of the rich for the rich. Younger people may be surprised by the actions of a Conservative government who send their ministers arse licking around the world to drum up trade for Britain. But those of us of a certain age haven’t forgotten how a previous Conservative government sat on its hands when workers were unemployed in the 1980s and preferred for them to sign onto Incapacity Benefit rather than Unemployment Benefit, because it kept the unemployment figures down. As you can gather, I am enraged by this gutless, spineless bunch of second rate human beings that are busy grinding everyone who’s not ‘one of them’ into dust. I can only urge that you resist in whatever way possible, even if it’s only to challenge people around you who say ‘isn’t it terrible, and such a shame nothing can be done.’

Attached is a picture of a British coal miner, another extinct species of the British working class.


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