51 And Still Not Giving Up The Fight

‘Bermuda in the  Bahamas

Front Street Hamilton

They do more than growing bananas

They’ve got a tax dodge going on’

Today I say goodbye to 50 and hello to 51,  it has been fun and I hope for more in the coming year.  In 3 days time Kenan will be 21.  Currently he is working for a web design company before returning to Brunel to finish his degree.  Kenan has a good chance of working with this company when he graduates, which I’m confident he’ll do with flying colours.  Happy birthday Kenan from your baba.

Last week our office cleaner Phyllis, who hails from Glasgow, retired.  Phyllis was in our office at 4 am for the past 10 years or so and after some ill health is now planning to return to Scotland to enjoy her retirement.  Phyllis is one of the unsung heroes in our service and there are many like her up and down the country who are underpaid but not undervalued by their colleagues.  At a time when richer people are in the news for dodging taxes we should salute not just Phyllis but others like her in our workplaces.

This week Cameron was in the news because his dad dodged taxes.  Speaking to an audience gathered together for the benefit of a tv crew he said he didn’t have any money tied up in offshore funds.  He was answering a question no one was asking rather than the one people wanted an answer to.  So if you’re reading this Dave tell us;

  1. did you inherit any money when your dad passed away that came from an account which was set up to avoid tax?
  2. are you getting your cheque book out?

Some people will say what his dad did was not illegal.  It should have been.

In Iceland people’s disgust at their prime minister’s behaviour brought about his resignation. Another example of ordinary people making those in power take notice of them.




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