Wanted, one ginger cat, living two doors away


A card was put through my letterbox this week.  Oh, another birthday card I thought, its about six days late but never mind.


But no.  It was from a neighbour asking me to stop feeding the seagulls due to the amount of seagull poo it causes.  Ok I thought.  Perhaps if you stop feeding my cat so that Nemo can return to his rightful home.  If you want a cat, get one of your own.


But I have decided to pursue the path of peace and haven’t put a card through their letterbox.  Sometimes you have to be the adult in the relationship.  Even if the other party are old enough to be your parents.

So  no more seagull poo in your cup of tea when you’re enjoying the sunshine outside.  I wish I had a picture of THAT.

Things I recommend; non-violent resolution of conflict.

Things I don’t recommend; stealing your neighbours cats.  Come back Nemo, we miss you.







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