Be a child more often


I have been naughty.  The inner child got the better of me last night with my last blog.  So this picture is an illustration of where I’ll be.  Until the next time.

My thoughts today are with my niece Eliz.  Last week she visited for Kenan’s 21st birthday celebration, she wasn’t great then healthwise.  Get well soon Eliz.

This week there was a story about sniffer dogs at work in Manchester Airport.


‘The dogs failed to spot a single person carrying heroin or cocaine over the border during a six-month period studied by the independent chief inspector of borders and immigration. But one dog, trained to detect illegal animal products, often found “small amounts of cheese or sausages” carried by holidaymakers, the report said.’

Wonderful.  I think there’s a story there about underfed animals.

Finally, I would like to recommend a track I first heard last year from an artist I saw on Later With Joolz.  It’s Haunted Head by Ezra Furman.  Lyrically it’s got traces of Lou Reed, but it’s a wonderful pop record in the truest sense of the word.  I attach a link to it.

Things I recommend; feeding your dogs.

Things I don’t recommend; being serious, all of the time.  Be naughty, it’s quite liberating.






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