Staffie, the best friend I never met

It was a year ago I saw an item on Facebook notifying me that staffie had died a few days previously.  I sent a text to my sons to share the news and it read something like ‘a terrible day for Palace fans’.  This is what I wrote then, and I think it’s as true today as it was then.

Friendships are developed and maintained in all sorts of ways these days, compared to when I was a teenager at least. Today I learnt that I’d lost a friend I’d never met. His name was ‘staffie’ (no capital S) and he was a regular contributor on a Palace fans website called Holmesdale Online. staffie helped everyone with whatever request they had if he could, whether it be a new lp or old, advice on PC issues. But his greatest contribution was to give us links to websites where we could watch our beloved Palace, or listen to them on the radio if there was no cameras at the game. He didn’t just do it for Palace games and members of my Arsenal supporting family also got to learn of this genius who would bring live sport to our computers. I once fell out with him and I was upset to think I’d upset him but that was many years ago and he forgave and forgot. In my household even Penny knows who we talk about when we talk about staffie. My music listening was enhanced by his assistance and in this Murdoch dominated world I am going to have to increase my PC skills to be able to continue to enjoy Palace without enriching that shameless bastard who would happily pay others to steal people’s personal messages and print them as news. Rest in peace staffie.

We have learnt to manage without staffie, to find football links and music, but he just made it so much easier.  He always took care to address me by my name in personal messages but by my username on public.  Others on the Holmesdale will have their own, and more intimate memories, and rightly so.  I describe him as the best friend I’ve never met and I wish he was still around to enjoy our cup run.


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