The Clown, all human life is there


The countdown to our semi final v Watford is on, now only 25 hours away to kick off.  But to start the weekend in style a visit to Flavours Of India with my mate Chris followed by a few pints and shorts in Hastings finest tavern, The Clown of Russell Street.  It’s all prepped for St George’s Day with balloons etc. and I hope a good time is had by all today. Last night Victor was serving, with Josephur and Michelle keeping an eye on things from the other side of the bar.  A good crowd in attendance and the free jukebox was going down well with one Prince track after another……

That changed halfway through the evening and dance music was the order of the day as I put on some Future Islands, Leon Bridges, Ali Campbell and ‘If You Could Love Me’ by Edwyn Collins, which went down particularly well with dancing, you can’t but move your hips to this track.  But my best dancing days are behind me.

It was good to catch up with some familiar faces.  Julie’s doing well and I enquired after her daughter Rachel and her grandson, and gave her a hug which I insisted she pass on to Rachel next time she sees her.  Then Andrew popped in.  Our lives have been a bit up and down since we last met and he told me about his failed business venture to the Himalayas, unfortunately ill health got the better of him and being so high up wasn’t doing much for his breathing.  Andrew was joined by his friend Sarah later on and we also were joined by Lara who it turns out had a lot in common with me, having grown up in nearby Highbury. But despite that not attending the same school as my sisters but Islington Green.  It also turns out that she lived across the road from me and thought she’d recognised me from somewhere.  My memory for faces isn’t so good.  Graham and Sylvie were there, as usual Graham was in his workmen’s overalls, splattered with paint after a days labour.  The ELO tracks went down particularly well with them, as did a couple of old numbers by The Beat. I made up with Josephur with whom I’ve exchanged sharp words on politics on Facebook since I last saw him and gave him a big manhug both arriving and departing.  Graham won the jackpot on the fruit machine.  What the hell do you do with 40 £1 coins?  You count them up and exchange them for notes behind the bar and buy everyone a drink.  Graham’s good like that.

After a fine night, a walk up the hill to my house, good for me to burn off some calories and begin the process of sobering up.  And hopefully not so long before I return for another Friday night out.








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