A disturbed night of sleep but finally gave up the ghost at 8:45 am and went down to make myself and Penny a cup of tea.  Left Hastings at 11:30 and reached Jafer’s by 1:10 from where we made our way to Baker Street via the new Jubilee Line extension from Canada Water.  Tube packed out even on a Sunday lunchtime, we’re not the only Palace fans travelling through Millwall territory of New Cross.  When we get to Baker Street at two these are the scenes that greet us.


And the not so pretty sight of this….


Were we the only adults that would arrive at Wembley sober?  Palace fans had taken over the vicinity of Baker Street.  I wonder what tourists looking for the Sherlock Holmes Museum would have made of it.  Thoughts of getting a table anywhere fancy for some lunch were rapidly abandoned as we made our way to the toilets of KFC where there was quite a queue.  Blokes pissing into the handbasin as an emergency measure.  One youth cracked a quip about KFC standing for Kraving For Coke, which might be why there was a wait for a loo.  We queued for food and some guys handed me and Kenan some soft drinks that came with their purchases, they’d had enough to drink already I assumed.  We found a table and got talking to another group of fans and I had to explain who Kenny Sansom was to our boys as it was stated we did once have a decent left back.  I recalled Mark Dennis racing 50 yards to punch a Spurs player in the middle of a scrap between 20 players started because our boys had enough of Paul Gascoigne’s show-boating.

Food consumed, on to Wembley, but not before I got on a different carriage to my boys and texted them to check they were on the same train.  Their smart dad got a seat.  The £7 hot dogs on offer at the National Stadium were not such a huge attraction.  We got to our seats and enjoyed the view.


The match?  We controlled it pretty much from start to finish, apart from a little spell at the beginning of the second half.  Wilf was immense, they couldn’t get the ball off him, they feared to tackle him and he was a joy to watch.  We scored from a corner before some people around us had even got to their seats.  In fact the 3 people in front of us spent so much time away from the action I wondered if they’d got half price tickets on condition they spent the other half in the toilets or hot dog queue?

We spent the first half on our feet, its been a while since I’ve stood at a match and we weren’t the only ones.  In the second half Watford equalised but before they could enjoy getting back into the match we scored again.  Then a few substitutions later and the 5 minutes of injury time played out it was over and we were through to the Final, against Man U, again.

Watching Adebayor is frustrating.  Shefki Kuqi may only have had a fraction of his talent but he would chase everything and force the defence to hurriedly clear.  It was good to see Jedinak captain the team and I hope he keeps his place in the final.

May 21, our chance to avenge 1990.  Come on boys, don’t let us down.

Things I recommend; eating away from Wembley

Things I don’t recommend; missing half the match






























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