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A happy bank holiday weekend to all friends and family this morning.  The sun is out,
Palace are in the Cup Final and Jafer is home for weekend.  We do have the small matter of an away game v Newcastle later to fret about, but hopefully the boys will come good and make us proud once more to be red and blue.  Unlike David Cameron I never forget who I support and confuse them with another team playing in the same colours.  Barcelona are good, but it’s Palace who I love through thick and thin.

What a week!  Earlier in the week a jury decided that 96 football fans need not have died if emergency services operated properly and a football club wasn’t allowed to operate without health and safety being considered important.  Health and safety gets a lot of stick but I’m in favour of it.  Last week I was at Wembley and was impressed with the crowd control coming out.  Yes it meant I was standing around for a bit but it meant we didn’t overcrowd train platforms with the obvious potential for disaster.  I was disappointed with someone I regard as a friend telling me that her husband still believed that the Liverpool fans without tickets were partly to blame for the deaths of their fellow fans.

No, no, no.  And I’ll tell you why.

  1. I’ve many a time had to wait for a game to start because people are still waiting to get in due to traffic congestion etc.  The Liverpool v Nottingham Forest game could have been delayed.  It’s funny how we almost forget who was the opposition on that sad day 27 years ago.
  2. The police commander ordered the opening of the gates, allowing crowds to surge at levels unplanned for.  The match had started.  Did he think people would go through, go to the loo, queue for a Bovril and pie and then go and find a place to watch the match?  We will never know how many of the fans that got in after the gates were opened had tickets or didn’t and it’s cheap and nasty to use that as an excuse to avoid facing the real causes of the death of 96 fans.  If the gates hadn’t been opened, no ticketless fans would have got through.

They also talk about fans being drunk.  Well tell me something I don’t know.  Not for me personally but for many enjoying a drink is part of the pre-match ritual.

If instead of working class football fans from a northern city 96 fans of a rugby union or tennis were crushed to death do you think the Tory media would have put such a lot of effort into blaming the victims for their own death?

When John Peel opened his first show after the disaster, he did so by playing the attached song.  It’s a beautiful rendition and if I could listen to it without choking up I would be worried about my well being.


What else has been going on this week.  Workers at BHS have found out their jobs and their pensions are at risk.  Two years ago Phillip Green sold BHS for a quid.  Yes, that right. Less than the price of my daily paper.  It’s wonderful how generous rich people can be ain’t it?  But hang on, he and his family took £500 million out of the company when he was in charge.  And how much of a shortfall is there in the pension fund?  £500 million.  I heard he is about to take purchase of a yacht that cost £100 million.  If the pension fund can’t meet the demands of its pensioners who will cough up the bill?  Taxpayers.  A former Tory Prime Minister, Ted Heath, once described someone as ‘the unacceptable face of capitalism.  I don’t know if Mr. Cameron, Mr. Brown or Mr. Blair have an opinion on Mr. Green but I don’t think he represents the acceptable face of capitalism.  I have two pictures attached at the top of this blog, one’s an armed robber but I don’t know which one.

Finally I’d like to comment on the story of the day.  That of anti-semitism.  I looked up a definition and this is what it said;

‘discrimination against or prejudice or hostility toward Jews.’

If anyone in the Labour Party is guilty of that they deserve to be expelled.

Things I recommend; truth and justice.  The miners who were clobbered by the same police force five years before deserve an apology.

Things I don’t recommend; reading The Sun if you want to know the truth.








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