Month: May 2016

Up the workers!!!


Tomorrow I see my friend Richard Lees, I first met him in 1986.  In January 1986 Cleshar Employment Agency sent me to Highbury Grove Adult Training Centre, a pretentious name for a day centre for adults with learning disabilities.  The name was a throwback to the industrial model of day services where units were set up doing repetitive menial work with the people attending getting paid a wage at the end of the week.  With the decline of British industry and the social model becoming more accepted the name remained but it was run with groups offering therapeutic care, social education, leisure opportunities.  It was here I met many current FB friends.  I was based in Special Needs 2 which was supporting clients with learning and physical disabilities.  Special Needs 1 was for clients with challenging behaviour.  They represented a minority of the clients using this service. Straight away I got thrown into the social life of the staff team, attending a party on the first weekend after I started.  Friends included Andy, Heather, Lindsay and Denise.  

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Do your best lads, if we lose it’s not the end of the world, we can have another chance in about 20-30 years

I woke up yesterday to this interview with two young Palace fans, Jack aged 9 and Joe aged 7.  Any pessimism I had was washed away by their enthusiasm.  It’s only 2 minutes and starts at 50 minutes 45 seconds in.

I reprint the text in full; but it’s better to listen to the radio, click on the link.

Hello I’m Jack and I’m 9
Hello I’m Joe and I’m 7
‘Are you excited about the FA Cup?’
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Archie, Marry Me

Workwise an incredibly busy week, lots of travelling, telephone calls and dealing with everything from hospital admissions to battling with DWP and DLA on behalf of clients.

Last week Palace sealed off their last home game of the season with a fine comeback v Stoke.  Tomorrow we play our final league game v Southampton who we’ve already beaten twice this season, once in the cup, I hope good things come in threes.  During the week Kenan managed to acquire a Cup Final ticket which arrived on Thursday.

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Missing Inaction


I am still the only male in the house, Penny has two females for company, Molly and Fifi, but Nemo remains absent.

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The new Authoritarian move of Sultan Erdogan towards dictatorship

The new Authoritarian move of Sultan Erdogan towards dictatorship

Am I a terrorist too?

Eyes on Europe & Middle East

For the Turkish HürriyetDaily NewsErdoğan tells the world who’s the boss in Turkey. Euronews reported yesterday that Turkey’s president has strong words for the EU saying he would not change anti-terror laws in exchange for visa-free travel to Europe. Erdogan is obviously trying to centralize as much power as possible to himself and his presidential position.So many people are seeing the recent moves of the Sultan as an attempt to move Turkey into a dictatorship.

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In limbo in Holloway


Autumn 1985.  I’d returned home from my eight month stint as a volunteer and I’d got a taste for independent living so it was intended as a temporary solution.  I signed on with Cleshar Employment Agency on the Holloway Road and they sent me to Sotheby Mews Day Centre, a service for older people in Highbury.  In truth I found it a little dull but it was enlivened by chats with the people using the service.  I remember Miss Allen who was in her 90s and spoke German.  As a young woman she met Sigmund Frued in Vienna, I’m not sure if she was Jewish but both ended up in England.  She was quite useful to have around as there was a German woman who smiled a lot but spoke not a word of English.

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