Nicky Morgan is listening!

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A visit to the newly rebuilt Hastings Pier.  I’m impressed, unfortunately Madness are playing an open air gig on Cup Final day but I hope to be there for other events.  Bumped into a lad who called out to us ‘Kenan’s parents, it’s Harry’ and one of Penny’s friends.

What to make of the week?  The government has decided to change policy on allowing child refugees into UK.  The government also abandoned plans to force all schools in local authority control to become academies.  Now only forcing some of them.  They said it’s not a U-turn and they are in ‘listening’ mode.


When George Osborne announced the policy in his March 16th budget I didn’t notice he said it was an idea they were thinking about.  It was something they were going to do.  Now it’s something they’re not going to do.  If they are in ‘listening mode’ to who and when were they listening?  To the Labour Party?  The teachers? The parents? To some Conservative councillors?  With a small majority they smelt defeat and decided to abandon plans.  And isn’t it something when they have to be shamed into allowing children fleeing war to be allowed to settle into UK.  And did anyone else notice in the news last night by the ‘neutral’ BBC that the Tory party were being investigated for fraud in last years General Election.  I knew and posted about this earlier in the week but the BBC didn’t know about it till yesterday.

Yesterday I got annoyed with the presentation of information by the BBC.  They’re shitting themselves about what this government will do next so their ‘experts’ form an orderly queue to demonstrate the art of brown-nosing.  Earlier this week there was ten minutes on the news about Trump’s triumph in Indiana.  Not once did they mention that the Democrats had a primary there too.  And who won?  Bernie Sanders.  If I’d landed on earth from space I’d have thought the USA was a one-party state rather than a democracy, even if a flawed one.

The best news yesterday came at the end.  After waking up to the news that Hastings still has a Labour council I went to bed to the news that Sadiq Khan beat Goldsmith to the position of mayor of London.  Goldsmith is regarded as a decent man but he allowed himself to head a disgraceful campaign that tried to play off the Tamils, Sikh’s and Hindus against the Muslims.  Yesterday Londoner’s rejected his attempt to divide the city.  Even his own sister distanced herself from his actions during this campaign.  He’s going to have to work hard to regain his credibility.  Was it a co-incidence that in the last week of the campaign the whole of the Tory party and the media spoke about anti-semitism in the Labour Party and how Sadiq Khan was a friend of terrorists and nothing else?


Things I recommend; decency, tolerance, what sort of person hardens his or her heart to the plight of vulnerable children?

Things I don’t recommend; divide and rule politics.



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