Archie, Marry Me

Workwise an incredibly busy week, lots of travelling, telephone calls and dealing with everything from hospital admissions to battling with DWP and DLA on behalf of clients.

Last week Palace sealed off their last home game of the season with a fine comeback v Stoke.  Tomorrow we play our final league game v Southampton who we’ve already beaten twice this season, once in the cup, I hope good things come in threes.  During the week Kenan managed to acquire a Cup Final ticket which arrived on Thursday.

I anticipate with a mixture of hope and apprehension.

I have been having a discussion with a friend about the coming EU referendum and I thought I’d better think about the issue and respond after a period of reflection;

‘The referendum is becoming a battle between the ‘people’ and the ‘establishment’.

Actually a lot of people think that the likes of Boris and Farage are representing another form of establishment, one which they don’t want to encourage but to defeat.  I don’t give a damn about supporting the establishment, I care more for the ordinary working people and I don’t trust either side of the Tory party in this argument.

‘Corbyn has abandoned his opposition to EU’

I don’t think he’s ever been obsessed with the EU and his opposition is to the concentration of power in the hands of a minority.  But actually that’s happening nationally and internationally and those of us who want more power and control in our lives have to consider how to best preserve the rights we have and acquire the rights we aspire to.

‘The Scottish Nationalists want to have their cake and eat it’

It seems to me the Scots might want to remain in the EU.  If they vote by a majority to remain but are taken out of it because the rest of Britain votes to come out I don’t blame them for seeking another referendum on independence.  That seems to me a reasonable reaction.

Turks out!

If I had any doubts about how to cast my vote I only have to hear what the following people say about the idea of Turkey becoming a member of the EU.

‘Turkey is on the ballot paper because the European Union is on the ballot paper’ – this was Ian Duncan-Smith (remember him?) this week.

‘The approaching accession of five applicant countries, including Albania and Turkey, poses a “direct and serious threat” to public services, living standards and harmony’ according to Michael Gove.

What have Albania and Turkey got in common that makes them worthy of being mentioned and for the other 3 countries not to be?  They are both countries where the majority of population is Muslim.

‘This referendum is very quickly becoming a vote on whether we want to be in a political union with Turkey, which would open our borders to millions of Turks with all the security risks that would bring’, this from Nigel Farage who also warned us that 20 million Romanians would arrive in UK along with 7 million Bulgarians.  Where are these 27 million arrivals?  Where are they hiding?

This is thinly disguised racism and I don’t want to live in a country where people expressing such attitudes are in charge.


Things I recommend; I love this track, a second LP is awaited.


Things I don’t recommend; dishonesty, I’d rather people were upfront about their prejudices.




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