The calm before ????

watch out 001

Another working week over, still relentless volumes of work, no let up, next week will be quieter or so I tell myself.

People ask if I’m looking forward to the final.  I’m looking forward to meeting up with Kenan in Chinatown and having a catch up.  As for the match, of course if we win it will be

the greatest match I’ve seen, but if we lose I will get a feeling of deja vu.  Strictly speaking I’ve never seen us lose to United at Wembley, as the match I saw was a 3-3 draw.  The defeat I only saw on telly.  They’re only human I tell myself, they have two arms, two legs just like our boys.  Whatever happens it’s been a great achievement to get to the final, and if we win we’re in Europe for second time!

What! Did you not realise we’ve been in Europe before?  Oh yes, we played in the early rounds of the Inter-Toto Cup.  Almost as prestigious a name in football as the Zenith Data Systems Cup.  Ok we got knocked out by Turkey’s Samsunspor over two legs and never made our European season stretch into August but so what!

In other events this week I watched a great edition of Later with Joolz.  I saw Margo Price who despite the name headed a group of musicians who played some fine Appalachian hills country, I also saw an act called Blossoms who I need to hear more of and from Jamaica I saw an artist I’m checking out called Protoje.  But best of all, Iggy Pop doing an excellent production of Lust for Life.  If you missed it watch it later tonight on BBC2 or on Iplayer.

Finally I’d like to leave you with two items I picked up from Tony Benn in one of his biographies.  Firstly after 911 he said ‘we don’t need smart weapons, we need smart politicians’.  Unfortunately we had George Bush and Tony Blair.

The other concerned an event he went to when the 1st prize in the raffle was 2 weeks in Cuba.  Tony said if he won he would give his tickets to Mr. Blair.  It would do him good to spend 2 weeks in Cuba, and it would do the rest of us good if he were away too.

Things I recommend; doing your best, as I’m sure our boys will try and do tomorrow.

Things I don’t recommend; waving your finger about.





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