Jack and Joe, a tonic for the blues

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I visited my local pet store to pick up some cat food this week and as usual I was asked if I had a reward card.  I dutifully got it out of my pocket and it got swiped for me.  To date it is the reward card with no reward.  Like Santa knocking on your door with an empty sack.

My ongoing saga with my neighbours about Nemo goes on, they now tell me he’s at death’s door and recommend taking him to the vets.  This will be interesting, I assume they’re concerned about a dead cat in their garden and have suddenly remembered who’s cat he is.

Well, another week over and I have been quiet about the football since the weekend.  What can I say?  We were beaten and that’s the only thing that matters.  The referee could have understood the offside rule a bit better, sent off the England captain for hauling down our player in the penalty area and given us a penalty.  But he didn’t.  The highlight of my weekend was finding the radio clip of little Jack and Joe who lack nothing in enthusiasm and make me look forward to being a grandad.  But not just yet boys.  I make no apology for publicising the link once again.  Listen to it at the point of 50 minutes 45 seconds, for two minutes.  You won’t be disappointed, and you might also get a bit broody too.

I’d just like to take the opportunity to thank my friends for lending their support to Palace over the weekend.  I had messages from Karen Bedford, Andy Porritt, John O’Hara,  text messages from Andreas, John M and Peter.  Laura Mehmet even got excited for me, although I’m not sure if it was because I was watching Tiny Tempah live before the kick off or the football.  Oh and I got an email from Liverpool supporting Debbie, very generous of her as her boyfriend supports Man U.

What a nonsense the pre-match entertainment was, the sound system was terrible, couldn’t hear a thing up in the gods.  That might have been a blessing as I’m not sure Tiny Tempah is my thing but missed the gospel choir singing Abide with Me which was a pity.

So that’s it for the summer.

Are  you kidding, what with the Euro’s coming up?  Tonight our captain plays against England, come on Jedi!  And with 24 teams in the tournament in France I have the joy of following Turkey, Wales (my adopted nation), Northern Ireland, Ireland, Mesut Ozil and Germany.  Oh and England, if I feel like it.

The Bank Holiday weekend has come up like a surprise party.  On Sunday I see my friends Richard and Lesley and the boys are home for the weekend too.

My friend Sam is currently in Venice sending lots of pictures and clearly having a good time.  I have two weeks booked in September but don’t know what I’ll be doing just yet, we were thinking of Scotland but Croatia and Bosnia have a certain appeal to.

Things I recommend;


Things I don’t recommend;

I don’t want to be negative today.







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