Month: June 2016

Going, going, gone. The end of Cameron

My message yesterday for people to accept the outcome of a democratic vote is still taking time to register.  There will NOT be another referendum however many people sign a petition.  The Liberal Democrats will be consigned to history (hurray!) if they go to the electorate and say they will not respect the vote.  I heard that some people contacted the Electoral Commission and said they’d made a mistake
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In the minority? That’s allright, I’m used to that


There have been many posts made by friends and family expressing shock and surprise at the result of the referendum on the European Union.  That tells me something about how much this issue mattered to them.  For myself it was what I feared, having stayed up to 12:30 and seen the results of Newcastle and Sunderland come in it started to look either;

  1. they were an indication of what was to come
  2. they weren’t

It turns out they were.
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A little bit racist

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Nigel Farage is ‘a little bit racist’, this is what a Leave campaigner admitted when door knocking on a friends house.  That’s an interesting outlook isn’t it?  How can you be a ‘little bit’ racist.  Is it like being a ‘little bit’ pregnant?  Or a ‘little bit’ incontinent?  Racism, pregnancy and  being in control of your bodily functions is either something you are or aren’t.
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Gambling with the future


In two days, the campaigning will be over and it’s up to us to pass judgement.  This has been an unusual campaign, for me at least.  Most elections I vote for my tribe, you vote for yours and the rest make their mind up either on the day or in the three or so weeks of the campaign beforehand.  It is they who hold the fate of the elections in their hands.  The rest of us spend our time trying to convince ‘the undecideds’ to lend their support to our tribe.  And it is ‘lend’.  Because we have to do it again the next time.  But this campaign?
I was undecided at the beginning.  I have huge problems with the EU.  I loathe the way they treated the Greeks.  I would like there to be greater democracy and  more accountability. But it is this way because NATIONAL governments have set it up.  And they have to be pushed to change it.  As a long term admirer of Tony Benn it has been difficult for me to support an institution which has many deficits.  And it has.  And so has UK parliament. What other country in Europe has a second tier that consists of Lords, Ladies, Archbishops?  All either appointed by past or present Prime Ministers or born to rule over the rest of us.  And there’s nothing we can do about it until we get a government elected on a platform to abolish the House of Lords.  For me this isn’t a choice between good and bad.  More like bad and bad.The campaign has seemed most times like an internal Tory battle.  Do we  prefer David or Boris?  It’s like a choice between death by poison or strangulation.  Why have Labour been so quiet we’re told?  They haven’t been but the BBC and the other media are much more interested in presenting the campaign as a clash of personalities, a blood feud if you like. They did this with the Labour Party before the local government elections and they did it with this campaign.

In 1974 I was a child and so didn’t follow the referendum then closely.  But looking at it historically the Labour Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, largely stayed out of the debate.  If only Cameron had done the same.  Many people can’t stand him and what his government, this one and the Coalition one, have done in six years.  They can’t wait to give him a bloody nose, metaphorically speaking.  If Britain votes to leave on Thursday he should take his share of responsibility and go.  By identifying himself so strongly with the remain campaign a defeat will be a personal message to him.  And if doesn’t go voluntarily he should be dumped.  Personally I’d like him to go whatever happens.

And the Leave campaign?  What a line up!  Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Priti Patel.  Am I to believe that these are the people who are going to save the British working class from low pay, expensive housing, inadequately funded public services?  Next week all these people will go back to the House of Commons and go back to voting for Tory policies that do anything but improve the position of the weak and vulnerable in our society.  Who would I rather trust about where my rights and interests are concerned, the Tory right or Labour and the trade unions.  Between Johnson and Corbyn there is no contest.

So, I find myself in the unusual position of not being sure if I’m doing the right thing at the ballot box but weighing up the pros and cons and seeing the likes of Farage and co shit stirring about immigration and Turkey has left me very clear about what I won’t be voting for.






We’re GREAT Britain and always will be!


Happy Father’s Day to dads, dads to be and in memory of dad’s passed away.  This is an event that was missing from most of my childhood as my father was absent from my life. Considering the lack of role models I hope I’ve done ok and continue to.

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The poison and the victims

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Rant of the week coming up…

I’m worried I’m projecting myself as a left wing version of Katie Hopkins but I will be trying to keep my emotions in check over the next few months.  Wish me luck.

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Your hooligans are not welcome.

Well, day three of the Euro’s and a fine start to the Welsh campaign which sets up the battle with England nicely.  England played well and will be disappointed with a draw after such a performance but the football has been overshadowed by the behaviour of fans inside and outside the stadium both last night and since at least Thursday night.

The images of innocent people being attacked is appalling and shows that some people are using sport as an excuse to attack others for no reason other than their ethnicity. Continue reading “Your hooligans are not welcome.”