Could this be me in a month’s time?



It’s official, I’m backing England!  Yes I got them in the works sweepstake for the Euro’s. How badly do I want £24?  We will see.

June 23 draws nearer and I’ll  be glad when it’s over.  At times I feel like putting a great big X across the whole ballot paper.  One things for sure, I’d rather eat my own vomit than lend my support to a bunch of people who are using race and fear of foreigners to whip up support.

Nemo is not well.  He had an x-ray this morning and he has a tumour.  However he is not in pain, and is eating for England just as much as he’s always done, how the hell he’s lost weight I don’t know.  Unless he was on rations whilst spending time two doors away.  I’ve told my neighbour I’m keeping him in so I can keep an eye on him.

Last weekend Penny and I met up with Richard and Lesley in a fine pub on the Romney marshes.  One year on and all is well with them, don’t do it Richard, I have faith in you!

Things I recommend; a night out from time to time, get that pint flowing, I’m coming Vic!

Things I don’t recommend; cheap tricks to con people







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