Stand up, fight back!


I apologise for continuing to be angry.  I’d prefer not to be but I am unable to isolate myself from what’s happening around me.

Well, it’s been quite a week in the news.  On Tuesday the Chelsea doctor was cleared of being unprofessional by going to treat a player after the referee had signalled for Eden Hazard to be treated.  I’m only sorry she settled before the details of e-mails etc. were released, I’d say Chelsea got away with it once more, what’s a couple of million to Abramovic?

The day after Mike Ashley appeared in front of a parliamentary select committee and appeared to be in charge but not in control of the company he owns.

And finally the man who brought BHS for £1 admitted he’d profited from the 15 months he was in charge, it’s a shame we can’t say the same for the 11,000 workers.  He was described as a Premier League liar so one way or another football is in the news this week.

Next week the man who sold BHS for a £1 but after pocketing hundreds of millions from his time there for his own personal fortune is due to appear in front of the same parliamentary select committee.

I hope no one is going to tell me we can’t do better than this as a way of governing ourselves and regulating the relationships between employers and employees.

And in this week, what have the Prime Minister and other government ministers got to say about how workers have been shafted one way or another?  Nothing.  They’re only interested in attacking each other about how best to keep foreigners out of the UK or keep the economy thriving.  Clearly the economy is not functioning for the majority of workers and June 23 won’t make any difference to that.

On a personal level I am experiencing a mixture of emotions, ranging from anger to depression.  Every day at work I am confronting a system that is assaulting the most vulnerable in our society.  In Britain in 2016 we have people compelled to work for their benefits and then getting their claims stopped because they don’t sign on at the same time.  I struggle to think of a situation more absurd and obscene.  The only course of action open to me is to fight and keep fighting while I have the strength of mind and moral courage to do so.  To do so might be endangering myself personally but I have a duty to others and a need to be able to sleep at night.


Things I recommend; remembering what Muhammed Ali said

You lose nothing when fighting for a cause … In my mind the losers are those who don’t have a cause they care about.’



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