The poison and the victims

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Rant of the week coming up…

I’m worried I’m projecting myself as a left wing version of Katie Hopkins but I will be trying to keep my emotions in check over the next few months.  Wish me luck.

But how can I get through life without concern for what’s going on around me?  Interested only in football and the goings on of Eastenders.  What kind of existence is that?  I don’t want my second half to be a fading out till I die, I want the fire to rage till the very end.

When we hear of another mass shooting incident in the United States it’s easy for me to think, what again?  Another one?  And then continue with my life.  Yoko Ono tweeted this after last weekend;

Over 1,057,000 have been killed by guns in the USA since John Lennon was shot and killed on December 8, 1980.

That’s quite a figure to get your head around isn’t it.  Yet Ronald Dump was quick to focus on the ethnicity of the perpetrator, even though he was born in the USA.  As the days went on it became more complex as opposed to simple.  And it always does.  First, there was the reports of domestic violence from his first wife, coupled with suggestion that he was bi-polar.  I don’t know if he was getting any treatment or not.  Second, this Jihadi supporter of Islamic State wasn’t particularly religious most of his life.  Third, if he was homophobic, how come he was regarded as a regular in the same club that his crimes took place?  And also known to use gay dating apps.  I’m sorry for those of you who want to simplify matters but facts dictate we take a more rounded view.  Something clearly wasn’t right in that man’s brain and talking about immigration control in this context is the equivalent of Zebedee bounding in on the scene in the Magic Roundabout, butting in on a conversation and saying something completely irrelevant.

As a Muslim, albeit a secular non-practicing one, I would like to offer my sympathies to all the dead and injured and plead with my friends in the LBGT community not to give in to the temptation to judge a whole religion by the actions of one.

Later in the week as we were taking Nemo to the vets the news on Radio 5 announced that a Labour MP had died from injuries sustained earlier after being stabbed then shot. Reports say a 77 year old man was struggling with the killer, I hope he is ok healthwise and I’d like to thank him for showing the best of humanity when confronted with the worst.  The killer was reported as shouting Britain First a couple of times and he has an interest in Nazi regalia and an interest in right wing politics.

A spokesman for Britain First denied having anything to do with the killer.  Whether they did or not isn’t the point.  As one reporter said, if you keep adding poison to the atmosphere, someone is going to get sick.

Jo Cox was a strong advocate for tolerance and compassion, both within the constituency of Batley & Spen and outside of it.  If we want to pay our respects we should continue the struggle she was a part of.

Doreen Lawrence, the mother of Steven, knows something about losing a relative in an act of violence.  I quote this from today’s Guardian;

‘a message of hatred against foreigners or people with different religions had been getting louder in the UK and US, citing Donald Trump.  She criticised comments by Boris Johnson about Barack Obama’s ancestry and said a poster unveiled by Nigel Farage on Thursday was reminiscent of Nazi propoganda.’

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Things I recommend; holding onto our tradition of tolerance and kindness towards refugees.





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