We’re GREAT Britain and always will be!


Happy Father’s Day to dads, dads to be and in memory of dad’s passed away.  This is an event that was missing from most of my childhood as my father was absent from my life. Considering the lack of role models I hope I’ve done ok and continue to.

This week I put my foot in it whilst speaking to someone who’s employed by an outsourced company who administer the work programme on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions.  I described an individual as having ‘done unpaid work for his benefits’.  I was corrected and told it was ‘work experience’.  I’m sorry but I think I got it right first time.

A relative of mine is voting to leave the UK because ‘we’re GREAT Britain and always have been.’  Considering the role UK played as a colonial power in Cyprus I think that’s yet another convincing argument why we have to look forwards.  When a load of UKIP supporters were gathered together by a research company and asked what about Britain they were proud of they were silent.  And then someone said ‘the past’.  Then the rest all nodded in agreement.

There are a lot of figures flying around about the cost of the EU.  Paid in is £13 billion but £4.5 billion is returned.  Compare this with the cost of the 2008 bank bailouts, £500 billion.  Or put another way 38 years of EU contributions.  Of the proposed spend on refurbishing Trident, £205 billion, according to some estimates.  Or 15 years of EU contributions.  For 3 submarines that will never use the nuclear weapons they’re kitted out with.


Why do we pay more than we get back?  Because we’re richer than most countries.  As Jeremy Corbyn stated earlier today;

‘If you actually deliberately lower living standards and increase poverty in certain countries in south-east and eastern Europe then you’re bound to have a flow of people looking for somewhere else to go.  Surely the issue is an anti-austerity, a growth package all across Europe rather than this.’


Looking at the map of the world in the 1920s I’m tempted to think the British problem isn’t with belonging to a collection of nations with common interests.  But of not being in control and dictating to everyone else.

Things I recommend; looking forward not backwards.





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