Going, going, gone. The end of Cameron

My message yesterday for people to accept the outcome of a democratic vote is still taking time to register.  There will NOT be another referendum however many people sign a petition.  The Liberal Democrats will be consigned to history (hurray!) if they go to the electorate and say they will not respect the vote.  I heard that some people contacted the Electoral Commission and said they’d made a mistake

and would like to vote again.

What stupidity!  Voting is not like buying a top from M&S.  If you buy the wrong size or decide the colour looks awful on you can return it.  Voting is permanent.  If you regret your decision already you should have paid more attention to the information and made the correct decision in the first place.

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Some interesting facts from the vote.  Where do you think the most support for remaining was?  Gibraltar.  Perhaps now they will ask to be independent from the UK and return to being part of Spain, which they historically were in the first place.  Another interesting statistic was the poll of voters of each political party.  As expected Liberal voters were most pro EU.  But 5% of UKIP voters were in favour or remaining.

I’ll say it again.  5% of UKIP voters wanted to REMAIN.

I need to lie in a darkened room for a week to try and work that one out.

One reason to be cheerful after the vote was the resignation of David Cameron and the zero rating of George Osborne’s chances to taking over.  FAN bloody TASTIC.  Who do I want to take over?  I don’t care in the slightest, being Conservatives they will still carry on implementing policies that attack the most vulnerable.

Another thing I’m going to enjoy is sitting back and watching the Tories fight it out between themselves as they try to come to terms with the fact that the rose garden has been fertilised with long lasting lamb’s manure.  If they want to give extra money to the NHS, for the roads, and whatever else do it now.  NOW.

Let us remember that the EU referendum was Cameron’s way of stopping voters defecting to UKIP and holding his party together.  His legacy will now be that of having failed.  Justice delayed can still be sweet.  Good bye and good riddance.

People are speculating that there will be another General Election.  Personally I can’t see it.  Unless the courts take their majority away from them for diddling the accounts in a number of constituencies they remain in charge.

Apparently half the Shadow Cabinet are due to resign.  Goodbye.  They will find that if there is a re-election for Labour Party leader that Jeremy Corbyn will be re-elected.  And those who have waged a campaign against his leadership from the beginning might find they don’t get re-selected by the members to stand in the next election.  Those of us of a certain age have memories of the Social Democratic Party, they were reduced to 6 MP’s in 1983 and within 7  years they had merged with the Liberal’s.

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Things I recommend; respecting the public vote from last week

Things I don’t recommend; disrespecting the vote in last year’s Labour Party leadership election.





  1. Where has George Osborne disappeared to?
    This is our chance to get our country back. Renationalise energy and water companies, renationalisation of banks and railways. That way we can invest profits back into our country rather than see it disappear to shareholders. This is actually what people want despite what media say.

    As for the Blairite wanting to wrest control of the party. They are forgetting that Corbyn was voted in by a vast majority of grassroots members. It also saw a massive surge in membership. Labour is a party to represent the people. Corbyn’s honest politics resonates with the people. You are right that the insurrectors should form their own party if they don’t like Corbyn. They are going against the mandate people gave Corbyn. For that, they should hang their heads in shame. Now is the best opportunity for labour to make inroads towards power. Those resigning are ruining this chance.

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    • George is probably getting his minions to sound everyone out, if he does stand for leadership he is likely to be humiliated so would be very surprised if he did, so associated is he with the Cameron project.

      I think we’re some way off a general election, the government has a majority and the public would punish the Tories for calling one I believe, so unless they lose their majority in bye-elections really can’t see it.

      I think the resigners are probably the same crew that were threatening to do it after the local election results, which weren’t the huge failure predicted. I can’t believe they think they will succeed unless Corbyn fails to get 35 MPs to back him, which is a possibility as he only got over that due to being ‘lent’ votes by some MPs. If that does happen I suspect the members will still elect the most left wing candidate there is.


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