Face the truth, all 172 of you

Is it me or does it look like Boris Johnson and the Leave campaign expected to lose?  What other explanation is there for him going to ground when he should be in a celebratory mood and whipping up support for himself to be party leader and Prime Minister.


A friend of mine said about the machinations of the Labour Party which is much in the news ‘I can see another ‘new labour’ party forking off here.’

30 or so years ago another generation of Labour MPs thought the party was going in the wrong direction and left to set up the Social Democratic Party.  Within 7 years it had merged with the Liberal’s and those that didn’t want to be a part of it left politics, crawled back to the Labour Party or went over to the Conservative’s.

What occurred today was an attempt by 172 MPs to get Corbyn to resign the leadership.  He has said he isn’t going to so they have to decide whether to force an election and find a way to keep him off the ballot paper, I wouldn’t put nothing past them in this attempt. Why would they do this?  Because they fear the membership re-electing him.  Only last year he defeated three candidates in the first count with 60% of the vote, the other 3 got 40% between them.  Of course it’s not certain the members would re-elect Corbyn but it is they who hold the key, not the MPs, who could find themselves de-selected for their disloyalty.

Another charge is that Corbyn is un-electable.  The Labour Party has a hell of a job to do to get a majority at the next election, no one is in any doubt about that.  But the electorate have twice rejected the Labour Party when it offered the most modest of progerammes so as not to be seen as too extreme.  The result was that people felt there was no difference between them and the Liberals and Tories and either didn’t vote for them or voted for other parties.  The remnants of ‘new Labour’ have got some explaining to do when the Chilcott Report on the Iraq war is published next month.  I should think the least of their worries is Jeremy Corbyn bur their own members when they have to explain why they backed an illegal war based on lies which has contributed to the biggest refugee crisis since the second world war.

‘People thought he was going to vote leave even though he was in with Cameron and the corporates etc on the EU campaign.’

Now that’s an interesting proposition but only one person knows how Jeremy Corbyn voted last week.  Whether he was wise to back the remain campaign is too soon to say.  He chose to maintain the unity of the Labour Party, the vast majority of whom were in favour of remaining (as well as the trade unions) than to take a position that isolated him.  You can see today what thanks he got for it.  It’s the 172 MPs who are out of touch with their constituents who voted to leave the EU, they need to accept the verdict and not look for a scapegoat.  I’m a member of the Labour Party, not a day went by without emails asking me to be active in the remain campaign, including many from Corbyn himself.

Now in a week when;

  1. racist incidents are on the increase
  2. the value of British companies and the pound has sunk to 30 year lows
  3. the Prime Minister has resigned

You would think Labour MPs had their focus on supporting people affected by these events.  One person that stands out for me is Andy Burnham who said

‘At an uncertain time like this for the country, I cannot see how it makes sense for the opposition to plunge into a civil war.

It is for our members to decide who leads the Labour Party and ten months ago they gave Jeremy Corbyn a resounding mandate.

I respect that and them’

Another show of support was from Dennis Skinner, for so long the conscience of the left who stuck a V sign at the back-benchers after shaking Corbyn’s hand in the Commons yesterday.

Things I recommend; respecting the vote.  The vote of last week and the vote of last year.

Things I don’t recommend; lying to the British public and then going mute.




















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