Month: July 2016

Take the skinheads bowling!

News doesn’t get any better does it?

Generally men don’t find it easy talking about their feelings.  They say ‘it was emotional’ when what they mean is ‘I got upset’.  Well I got upset watching a Turkish film called Mustang in the Electric Cinema this week.  In the same country the film was based in there was a week of a failed coup attempt, a government clampdown on thousands of public servants without any evidence and the assumption of dictatorial powers which follows the establishment of a state of emergency.  And here was a film about five Turkish girls trying to have a childhood.  Here’s an interview with the director and co-writer of the film.

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Don’t panic! We’ve got Boris!


Day 1:  I’m gonna do something I haven’t tried for 20 plus years, wish me luck.

Lots of stuff going on this week.  In 24 hours the Turkish government has sacked 2,000 plus judges and asked for the extradition of a former ally of President that’s in exile in USA.  Is that the police working incredibly quickly and uncovering a plot?  Hmmm, this is Turkey we’re talking about.  Let’s wait and see the ‘evidence’.   Continue reading “Don’t panic! We’ve got Boris!”

We don’t need no military ‘solution’



The news broke between 9 – 10 last night that soldiers had occupied the two bridges linking Europe and Asia in Istanbul.  By 9:55 I saw something about a coup and quickly rushed downstairs to watch the 10 o’clock news.  I then stayed up till near midnight chatting to Jafer via Facebook messenger about the developing situation.  I was doubtful that people would come out onto the streets in protest at coup attempt and there were rumours the President was attempting to fly to Germany to claim asylum.  By the morning it was all over, the coup attempt had failed with 160 dead and 2,500 arrested.  
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Andrea Leadsom, an Apprentice seeking the big job



This week Andrea Leadsom’s CV has been in the news.  Her Unique Selling Point (USP – you can’t baffle me with this business school talk, I watch The Apprentice!) is that she’s a ‘real’ person, has done ‘real’ things.  You name it, she’d done it, managed hundreds of staff, managed budgets of billions.  Practically everyone she worked for came out and said she didn’t quite do what she claimed, she’d possibly over-exaggerated her achievements.   A bit like me saying I am Jeremy Corbyn’s guru on the back of a coach trip to Kent coalfields in 1984 where we were sat in the same pair of seats. Continue reading “Andrea Leadsom, an Apprentice seeking the big job”

‘George Bush, we know you, your daddy was a killer too.’


What does war look like?

I am haunted by this picture.  It was taken by Donald McCullin in 1964 when he was covering the Cyprus conflict.  That woman could be my mum.  The woman to her left could be my grandmother.  The boy to her right could be me.

Donald McCullin later took another photograph of a shellshocked American soldier in Vietnam.  This is another face of war.


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Live with your dad


My campaign to get the English to support Wales is bearing result, six pages of discussion on a Palace fan’s website and the overwhelming majority is in favour, if a little pissed off to see the Welsh squad celebrating Iceland’s victory…..

Funnily enough Alan Shearer said he didn’t have a  problem with it.  Wales are officially the best British team and England’s defeat confirmed it.

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Be Welsh, if the Ninja can so can I

What a great end to an awful week.  I mean the efforts of 11 footballers representing Wales to come from behind against a team from Belgium commonly considered to be the better team.  I have long adopted Wales as my ‘home’ nation, it has no logic but so what!  In the 1990s Palace had a centre half called Eric Young, nicknamed Eric the Ninja on account of his wearing a headband.
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