Live with your dad


My campaign to get the English to support Wales is bearing result, six pages of discussion on a Palace fan’s website and the overwhelming majority is in favour, if a little pissed off to see the Welsh squad celebrating Iceland’s victory…..

Funnily enough Alan Shearer said he didn’t have a  problem with it.  Wales are officially the best British team and England’s defeat confirmed it.

This week will be interesting, the Chilcott Report is coming out.  This is the enquiry into the Iraq war.  Will it whitewash Blair and all his supporters?  Will Jeremy Corbyn call for him to be tried as a war criminal?  It is this more than anything that informs the backbench revolt against Corbyn.  Some facts.  In Jeremy Corbyn’s Islington 75% voted to remain in EU.  And don’t anyone dare to tell me it’s only middle class Yuppies that live there, I know it very well, I grew up there.  Yes it’s changed since then but hasn’t everywhere?  Wirral in Merseyside where Angela Eagle is MP voted 52% remain, incidentally her local Labour Party members are furious with her and she might be elected leader of the party and then deselected by her members, wouldn’t that be poetic?  Leeds, where Hilary Benn is an MP voted to remain, only just, with just over 50% of the vote.  I could go on but you get the picture.

I have said there will not be a referendum but this week Jeremy Hunt, the minister for Health opened up a line of argument that might gain traction.  He said that after negotiations for Britain’s exit are concluded we should have another referendum.  We will see whether that idea takes hold.

The referendum result was devastating for many people.  Including one of my niece’s friends who thought she would have to go to Chessington instead as being out of EU meant out of Eurodisney.  I can think of many reasons why it might be a good idea to not to go to Eurodisney, but don’t think this is one of them.

We are now able to hear telephone calls after a visit from a BT engineer.  That’ll be £119 thank you very much.  And I can again have my evening disturbed by call centres.  I very rarely pick up my phone now, waiting to see if anyone leaves a message if I don’t recognise the number.  If I do pick it up and am asked ‘is that Mr. Yusuf’ I say ‘my dad’s not home.’

I’m pleased to confirm I’m Scotland bound.  My invitation to my Facebook friends was met with 5 confirmations and 14 expressions of interest.  But I’m not talking about that.  I really am going to Scotland.  In September for 2 weeks.  I hope to learn much and share with you my experiences.  I’m confident there will be humour in Scotland.

Things I recommend; having your parents live with you when you get nuisance calls.






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