Don’t panic! We’ve got Boris!


Day 1:  I’m gonna do something I haven’t tried for 20 plus years, wish me luck.

Lots of stuff going on this week.  In 24 hours the Turkish government has sacked 2,000 plus judges and asked for the extradition of a former ally of President that’s in exile in USA.  Is that the police working incredibly quickly and uncovering a plot?  Hmmm, this is Turkey we’re talking about.  Let’s wait and see the ‘evidence’.  This on top of massacre in Nice, which Jafer is visiting in a few weeks time.

Andrea Leadsom dropped out of the race to be leader of Tories and Prime Minister and was instead made a minister, but not for children and families for which she’s an expert.

The other big job that remains unfilled is that of England manager.  The England players have reportedly been unimpressed by the English managers available and are suggesting an overseas manager.  The English public who are unimpressed with the players available don’t have the option to suggest overseas players.

Our four students have become five for a few weeks.  So we have two from Spain alongside one from Italy, Russia and Finland.  Strawberry jam is proving a big hit, we’re getting through a jar every two days.  Last year it was milk and nutella chocolate spread.

One thing about the Chilcott Inquiry that interests me is the fact that Gordon Brown set it up, he’s been silent about it since it reported, was this an act of revenge on Tony Blair?  I wouldn’t be surprised.

The Labour Party is to have an election for leadership.  Angela Eagle clearly holds Jeremy Corbyn responsible for a brick being thrown through her constituency office window.  Who is responsible for the death threats to him?  We shall see how the drama unfolds and whether she will withdraw her candidacy or whether there will be more than two candidates on offer.

It’s good to have a reassuring, statesmanlike voice in a crisis.  Step forward Boris yesterday morning on the failed coup attempt in Turkey…


‘Ehr we’ve been monitoring the situation in Turkey very closely overnight and remain very concerned about ehr what’s been going on there and first thing to say is that we want to urge calm, the avoidance of any further bloodshed, and …. it’s crucial that we support the democratic institutions of Turkey and that’s a message that we ehr was very much echoed by the Turkish foreign minister, my counterpart Mevlut Cavasoglu to whom I spoke a couple of hours ago and he was very grateful for UK support at the UN and elsewhere and ehr obviously I’ve also spoken to our diplomatic staff in Ankara and in Istanbul and they’re doing a fantastic job, they’re working very hard as you can imagine to ehr do the best for the many Brits who are there and the many people who are there on holiday and ehr they should follow the travel advice, ehr and we’ll do our best to update you as soon as we can.’


That’s made me feel much better, thank you Boris!






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