Month: September 2016

Dancing with the fruit


Back from Scotland and back to reality, much as I’d like life to be one long tour of the unknown.  It was lovely to see my sister, niece and children on the way back and although Kenan didn’t require me to help him move on account of not selling his car it was a shame not to see him.  Jafer has been home for the week and I have a companion to watch the football with.


Relief.  Just relief.  
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From Rob Roy’s grave to the Highlands and Islands


This morning we left the Isle of Mull and after getting some essentials in Oban drove up to Fort William and checked into the anonymity of a Travelodge. It is sited in the small town centre. The town has a population of 10,000 but it sprawls a bit, at least the bit along Loch Linnhe does. First impressions are unfavourable after having come from Oban. But it does serve as a useful rest stop half way through the holiday. And a check out time of midday is a bonus with no breakfasts to rise for. There’s a Wetherspoons below us which Jafer would recommend but other options too. Mostly pubs that serve food. Tomorrow the Isle of Skye awaits.

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Stupid age rules


Today a trip to Glasgow where we visited the Glasgow School of Art and followed a walking tour of the town centre. I won’t pretend I’ve perfected the pronunciation of Sauchiehall Street, I’ll have to listen to that Paolo Nutini track few more times. The tour started under the statue of Donald Dewar, whose role in Scottish history is tied up with its current history.

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Welcome to Leith


Arrived in Edinburgh and eventually found Judy’s flat in cloudy Leith, no sunshine, yet. Journey this far straightforward, north of Newcastle more interesting than through the flatlands. Caught the Angel of the North, not sure if facing us or not. Unlike John Peel, we went through Essex, rather than detouring round it. He used to do this on account of crazy driving in that county on his way home to Suffolk.

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Speak your mind!


A long drive back to Edinburgh and feet up in Leith.  Wasn’t really able to go at top speed till the motorway started in Perth.  Was looking for service stations but they are limited in number as generally associated with motorways.  Eventually had a late lunch near Perth. And got bitten by a wasp in the ear. No one bites me and gets away with it.

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Cyprus and Scotland, scene’s of forced migration

Fort William has grown on me a little.  It is a bit like a frontier town.  Full of visitors passing through.  And home to the cheapest round of drinks yet, under £6.  And no I wasn’t in Wetherspoons.  After a meal and a couple of drinks we returned to Travelodge where I treated myself to a packet of Haribos from the vending machine.
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Mind the cows


I’m getting better at driving on single track roads. You have to be alert for oncoming traffic which occasionally the landscape allows. Slower vehicles usually pull in at passing places, allowing overtaking. This prevents the creation of convoys behind lorries, buses etc. Sometimes you have to reverse to a passing place. Sometimes there is little margin for error as a misjudgement would have you in a ditch or worse, rolling down an embankment. But mostly the roads are empty, the scenery is beautiful, you drive at a sensible speed and watch out for sheep and cows tucking into top quality grass by the roadside. Cyclists would love it. But take supplies.

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