Tobermory here I come


Tomorrow I’m off up north, this time tomorrow I expect to be near Doncaster for a night stop before arriving in the land where men wear skirts.  Or so my mum says.  She is recalling the Scottish soldiers she saw in uniform whilst serving for the British Army in Cyprus.  ‘They’re probably not wearing underwear’ she also said.  I hope I don’t get to find out whether that’s the case or not.


Amongst my destinations is Tobermory.  Once I found out that such a name was attached to a town, I just had to visit.  How could I not?  Up till now the word has only been associated for me with a Womble.  I hope for more fun in the town on the same name.

What’s been occurring over the past six weeks?  Well the students have come and gone.  My favourite was Laura.  Yes she provided me with a long list of food she dislikes, along with a smaller list of food she likes.  But she also wrote a lovely card telling us how much she’d enjoyed her stay and apologising for being too much trouble.  She wasn’t.  And as a bonus she left some talcum powder which I sprinkle over my feet when I get out of the bath.  I’ve heard it can cause ovarian cancer.  I’ll take my chances.

What else?  I was on the guest list to see a film by one of Penny’s friends.  But the cinema staff knew nothing about it.  They squeezed us in anyway.

I saw the newest addition to our family.  The lovely Esmae, all grown and 9 weeks old.

I discovered that I don’t have a problem supporting the British Olympians.  English footballers are another matter, come on Mesut, viva la Deutschland!

Oh and the football seasons started.  Except no one’s told our squad who are still waiting for their first win.  To be fair they’ve tried hard in every game and have been unlucky to just get a point out of three games.

In my professional world the war goes on.  Did I say that?  Let me put it another way.  I continue to support vulnerable people to claim all the benefits they’re entitled to.  Even if it means I have to appear in front of a judge to argue someone’s case.  As it happened I didn’t need to say a word, it was enough just to show up and let justice takes its course.  This is only a very small part of my work.  But one which I approach with passion.

What else?  Oh yes, Turkey has decided to bring peace to Syria.  By waging war on Syrian’s.  I wish I was making that up.

Before I can set off there’s the small matter of a new window which Andy is putting in for us tomorrow.  He knows I’m driving off at 4:30 pm so it’s cutting it fine.  He’s done a grand job with the door he’s put in for us.  And I have a nice painting job to come back to in two weeks time.

Things I recommend; holidays, especially in places which have the same names as characters in childrens tv progerammes.

Things I don’t recommend; kilts in the land of midges.







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