6 September 2016

Just arrived in Callander, a short distance from Stirling and Dunblane, where they are busily erecting a statue of its famous resident, Andy Murray.  Ok, I made that bit up.  But if they do they’ll have a job on their hands to rival The Kelpie’s, the mythical horses in nearby Falkirk.


They stand 30 metres tall and are an impressive feature well worth a visit.

The population of Callander is just over 3,000 and we are fairly central and about to take a walk having settled ourselves into our B&B.  The owner is busily learning how to play the Turkish national anthem on his bagpipes.  I hope.  Breakfast is as late as 9:15, just as well we’re having a long day drinking, no driving, through the highlands to the port of Oban.

Things I recommend, solidarity with freedom fighters.

Things I don’t recommend, colonic irrigation.

7 September 2016:

Today our genial host who has appeared and been victorious in Four in a Bed as well as Bargain Hunt demonstrated an unusual way of ensuring we didn’t miss out on our breakfast by arriving at the table too late. He played the bagpipes outside our room at 8:30 am. The Turkish tourist industry has a lot to learn.

When we did get to the table Penny took the risk of asking for her toast to be on brown bread. ‘It will be nice and brown when it pops out. I’ll make sure of that.’. The Scots have a very dry sense of humour. And I got brown bread too, unfortunately.

Overall it was a nice room but could do better with catering. Does anyone still drink instant coffee nowadays?

Yesterday after arriving in Callander we looked around, and had the pleasure of looking in some charity shops. There are far more women’s clothes there than men’s. Proving that they spend more on such items than us and therefore have more to give away.

My usual behaviour in such places is to go to books or CDs. This weekend Strictly trounced X-Factor in the ratings war. Well what should I find amongst the CDs? Dido, Subo and 20 Classic tracks by Kim Wilde. That’s taking things a bit far. Twenty?

I say it again. Twenty? I was alive through the 1980s and believe me there wasn’t 1 track that we could call a classic. The only thing I can recall was Kids of America with what has to be the worst backing vocals of all time.

But it wasn’t all cultural desert, and we did eye up a nice Italian restaurant which we later visited followed by a trip to a pub. I’m still searching for Scotland’s equivalent of The Clown, Hastings finest. The only other customers were posh English so the search goes on.

Today after breakfast with bagpipes we set off on a driving tour and visited Rob Roy’s graveside


as well as the Falls of Dochart.


We stopped off at The Drover’s Inn by Loch Lomond and then had lunch at Inverary. We then visited a museum in Kilmartin which is halfway to the Mull of Kintyre for the music fans amongst you. We finally ended our journey at the port of Oban, opposite the Isle of Mull.

Things I recommend, the new LP by The Felice Brothers, a kind of American Pogues.

Things I don’t recommend, looking for music legends in charity shops


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