Freedom from oppression!


Just arrived in Callander, a short distance from Stirling and Dunblane, where they are busily erecting a statue of its famous resident, Andy Murray.  Ok, I made that bit up.  But if they do they’ll have a job on their hands to rival The Kelpie’s, the mythical horses in nearby Falkirk. 


They stand 30 metres tall and are an impressive feature well worth a visit.

The population of Callander is just over 3,000 and we are fairly central and about to take a walk having settled ourselves into our B&B.  The owner is busily learning how to play the Turkish national anthem on his bagpipes.  I hope.  Breakfast is as late as 9:15, just as well we’re having a long day drinking, no driving, through the highlands to the port of Oban.

We all remember Nelson Mandela House from Only Fool’s and Horses.  Yesterday in Glasgow town centre we saw Nelson Mandela Place in the town centre.  Another plus in the reasons to love Glasgow.


Things I recommend, solidarity with freedom fighters.

Things I don’t recommend, colonic irrigation.


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