Peace and late breakfast


Oban Harbour by night is a pretty place when lights from buildings reflect off the water.  Last night I craved fish and chips and there were no shortage of licenced restaurants ready to supply.

We’re not having much luck with a lie in, all establishments want to complete serving breakfast by 9 or 9:30. 

Today we caught the ferry to the Isle of Mull, a crossing which took just under an hour.  From the port of Craignure we turned left to visit Duart Castle, built in 1300s and occupying a prominent position overlooking the sea and surrounding land.  Afterwards a drive round the north west of the island including a late lunch at Calgary, the original one, where there is a beautiful beach of white sand.  Finally checked in   at B&B in Tobermory.

Motorways in Scotland are usually two lanes and on the islands A roads can be single track with passing places.

The news in Syria is that ISIL is on the back foot.  Of course we should celebrate their defeat on the battlefield but be careful friends, they do not need territory to kill others.  Defeat for ISIL won’t in itself bring peace to Syria as there was a civil war before they emerged and there will still be a state of conflict between pro and anti government forces after they’re finished with.


Things I recommend, the Americans and Russians to talk to each other and agree a way forward.

Things I don’t recommend, early breakfast, with or without bagpipes.


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