Fort William

11 September 2016:

This morning we left the Isle of Mull and after getting some essentials in Oban drove up to Fort William and checked into the anonymity of a Travelodge. It is sited in the small town centre. The town has a population of 10,000 but it sprawls a bit, at least the bit along Loch Linnhe does. First impressions are unfavourable after having come from Oban. But it does serve as a useful rest stop half way through the holiday. And a check out time of midday is a bonus with no breakfasts to rise for. There’s a Wetherspoons below us which Jafer would recommend but other options too. Mostly pubs that serve food. Tomorrow the Isle of Skye awaits.

Things I recommend, poached eggs and kipper’s for breakfast, at least once in your life.

Things I don’t recommend, packing your toiletries so that you have fish breath until you’re able to check in to next stop.

Fort William has grown on me a little.  It is a bit like a frontier town.  Full of visitors passing through.  And home to the cheapest round of drinks yet, under £6.  And no I wasn’t in Wetherspoons.  After a meal and a couple of drinks we returned to Travelodge where I treated myself to a packet of Haribos from the vending machine.


Things I recommend, breakfast at Wetherspoons, when I feel like it.



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