Isle of Skye and back to Edinburgh

13 September 2016:

Day in the Isle of Skye, touring north of Portree. Simply beautiful and outstanding. Driving slowly and stopping off frequently just to take it all in. The video is of Uig, from where ferries take off for the outer Hebrides. Loads of soldiers with English accents and their Jeep like vehicles waiting for the ferry to come in.

Just off the road to Uig is the hobbit like landscape of the locally known Fairy Glen.

Very busy in Portree, visitors from all over the world. Staying in our B&B were two from Brazil. Our host informed us he was not a nationalist and had no time for Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond.  Tomorrow we set off back to Edinburgh, some five hours from here.



14 September 2016:

A long drive back to Edinburgh and feet up in Leith.  Wasn’t really able to go at top speed till the motorway started in Perth.  Was looking for service stations but they are limited in number as generally associated with motorways.  Eventually had a late lunch near Perth. And got bitten by a wasp in the ear. No one bites me and gets away with it.

Last night we came across the sound of bagpipes in the town centre.

Attached is a different clip to one posted earlier.

This morning we met two visitors from Japan..  I learnt that they have no roundabouts in their own country.  Our host likes to chat, he told us he was born on the island but now babies are delivered in Inverness, over 110 miles away.  I should think many are born in the ambulance if that’s true.  Our host wanted to see the world and so joined the army.  Whether due to this or otherwise he is loyal to the UK and declared himself an internationalist and again spoke bluntly of Nicola Sturgeon.  But then said his dislike of her was also due to reminding him of an ex girlfriend.  He asked for my view’s and I told him that I too had no time for rationalism. No! I meant nationalism (bloody predictive text) but if the Scots wanted to leave my attitude was goodbye and good luck.

As well as politics our host had strong opinions about overseas visitors driving on the wrong side and not using the passing places on single track roads.

The Co-op and Spar are the only supermarkets I’ve seen on the islands.  In the case of the Co-op once again it’s an example of socialism in practice.

Things I recommend, plain speaking, the Scots appear to be very good as it.

Things I don’t recommend, being guarded.

15 September 2016:

Lazy start to day in Edinburgh before we pop out to meet Sarah’s mum this afternoon and Heather for a drink later. Tomorrow we leave Scotland, stopping over at my sister’s in Lincoln before arriving in Hastings on Saturday.

It’s been good to get away and see some new places and experience a different culture. The way things are going in England emigration sounds attractive if Scotland becomes independent.

16 September 2016:

About to depart Edinburgh after a fine night out with Heather Colvin, who Penny Yusuf and I hadn’t seen for some 25+ years but who has a role in our getting together back in 1987.

Earlier we saw Marion, who is doing well for 87 years and greeted us by enquiring how we’d traveled to her flat in south Edinburgh. Then asked if we’d like a glass of wine or a cup of tea and a slice of cake. We opted for the latter.

Edinburgh, although it’s town centre is traditional and attracts lots of visitors does have pockets of real poverty. Leith, where we are starting is an area that used to have lot’s of employment by the docks which it has lost. Some parts are ‘gentrified’, which is another way of saying the middle classes have moved in and pushed the rest out.

Things I recommend, state intervention

Things I don’t recommend, state inaction, it breeds nationalism and fascism.



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