Welcome to Leith


Arrived in Edinburgh and eventually found Judy’s flat in cloudy Leith, no sunshine, yet. Journey this far straightforward, north of Newcastle more interesting than through the flatlands. Caught the Angel of the North, not sure if facing us or not. Unlike John Peel, we went through Essex, rather than detouring round it. He used to do this on account of crazy driving in that county on his way home to Suffolk.

Spent the night near Doncaster. People really are friendlier up north. The positivity is infectious.

Listened to Bob Dylan’s Street Legal and an 80s LP by Bobby Womack on the way up as well as shuffled tracks on iPod. I can’t get into Adele’s recent LP. If 19 and 21 are about the guy that dumped her, by the time you get to 25 you think he might have had a point.

I should sleep but isn’t that what the night is for?

Even the money is different! It’s been 25 or so years since I’ve been here. Easy to forget.


Things I recommend, getting over bad experiences.

Things I don’t recommend, 80s RnB, too polished and synthetic.



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