From fairy glens to bagpipes


Day in the Isle of Skye, touring north of Portree. Simply beautiful and outstanding. Driving slowly and stopping off frequently just to take it all in. The video is of Uig, from where ferries take off for the outer Hebrides. Loads of soldiers with English accents and their Jeep like vehicles waiting for the ferry to come in.

Just off the road to Uig is the hobbit like landscape of the locally known Fairy Glen.


Very busy in Portree, visitors from all over the world. Staying in our B&B were two from Brazil. Our host informed us he was not a nationalist and had no time for Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond. Tomorrow we set off back to Edinburgh, some five hours from here.

Tonight I understand Scotland a little better. And particularly how distinct it is from England. Living in Hastings we’re used to parades and marches. After dinner I heard the sound of bagpipes and found the local band performing in the town centre. Magical.



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