Gule gule to Scotland

Thursday am: start to day in Edinburgh before we pop out to meet Sarah’s mum this afternoon and Heather for a drink later. Tomorrow we leave Scotland, stopping over at my sister’s in Lincoln before arriving in Hastings on Saturday.

It’s been good to get away and see some new places and experience a different culture. The way things are going in England emigration sounds attractive if Scotland becomes independent.

Friday am: About to depart Edinburgh after a fine night out with Heather, who Penny Yusuf and I hadn’t seen for some 25+ years but who has a role in our getting together back in 1987.

Earlier we saw Marion, who is doing well for 87 years and greeted us by enquiring how we’d traveled to her flat in south Edinburgh. Then asked if we’d like a glass of wine or a cup of tea and a slice of cake. We opted for the latter.

Edinburgh, although it’s town centre is traditional and attracts lots of visitors does have pockets of real poverty. Leith, where we are starting is an area that used to have lot’s of employment by the docks which it has lost. Some parts are ‘gentrified’, which is another way of saying the middle classes have moved in and pushed the rest out.

People confuse leadership with populism, that’s just a route to fascism. Who was it that was on the side of Mandela when he was in prison? Who advocated involving Sinn Fein in talks when Tories and Kinnock’s crew were branding them terrorist sympathisers? Who said it was a mistake to invade Iraq and bomb Libya not just this week like the parliamentary enquiry did and the Chilcott Report did a few month’s ago, but in 1993 and 2001? Real leadership is sometimes stating what at the time is a minority view. Because it is right.
Things I recommend, state intervention

Things I don’t recommend, state inaction, it breeds nationalism and fascism.


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