Dancing with the fruit


Back from Scotland and back to reality, much as I’d like life to be one long tour of the unknown.  It was lovely to see my sister, niece and children on the way back and although Kenan didn’t require me to help him move on account of not selling his car it was a shame not to see him.  Jafer has been home for the week and I have a companion to watch the football with.


Relief.  Just relief.  

That’s the first emotion I felt at the news of Corbyn being re-elected. His opponents tried to prevent him appearing on the ballot both via the National Executive Committee and by taking the matter to court.  They successfully stole the votes of all new members who’d signed up from as far back as February.  They then invested in a campaign to recruit registered supporters under the ‘Saving Labour’ banner who would be allowed a vote if they paid £25.  All these efforts failed and Corbyn was re-elected with a greater majority than last year.  He won the vote of the members.  Of the trade unionists. And of the registered supporters.  I hope his opponents have got the message.  We want power but not just for the sake of it.  We want it to transform society.   Not to join the Americans in whatever invasion they wish to undertake.  Not to introduce private companies into the health service.  Not to remove from schools the obligation to be accountable to locally elected councillors, cos that’s what Academies do.

One Observer columnist, Barbara Ellen, last week said she’d registered as a member to vote against Corbyn and after today she was going to have to think about how she would vote in future.  I’ll be following her column to see where she takes her vote, I suspect she’s going to be drawn to the Liberal’s but we’ll see.

What was interesting in the BBC coverage of the leadership election was that their correspondents this week had the obligation to explain to all of us just why Corbyn is popular in the country.  As though they were reporting about the situation in a country we’ve never heard of.

We’re here.  We’re not going away.  And we will continue to advocate for what we believe in and try and persuade others to support us.

What else has been going on.  Trump’s boy has been comparing refugees to a packet of skittles.  You still have more chance of getting killed by your own police force than by a Muslim terrorist in America.  But seriously, I’m worried, very worried that Trump might win in November.  I hope I’m wrong.

I don’t know what’s going on with my Twitter account.  I came back from holiday to notice I was following over 400 accounts, some of them in scripts i can’t read.  Having deleted them all, apart from those I did follow, I am now following another 200.  I have changed my password.  Any advice greatly appreciated.  Perhaps deleting the account is the solution.

I have a new bin, but am now leaving by the back door, having had several stolen in the 16 years I’ve lived in my current address.

Finally there was a story this week about a cancer patient who was told she couldn’t have treatment because they were offering treatment instead to people at risk of HIV.  Firstly it’s a disgrace that people are being played off against each other in this way.  Secondly it illustrates why we need a socialist government that looks after the weak and vulnerable rather than the rich and powerful.


Things I recommend; pomegranates!  They’ve arrived.  Along with decent sized figs.

Things I don’t recommend; putting your faith in Tories for social justice.













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