Waiting for an atrocity

After the holiday comes the blues.  It happened last year and it’s struck me again.  Work is work and it’s been a mixed week.  Have had some meetings with some lovely people and had to deal with stuff that’s driving me round the bend.  The only solution is to take advice from Curtis.

Curtis always knows how to get through life.

After the relief of Corbyn’s victory comes the anticipation of the American election.  I live in hope that the least worst option succeeds.  If not I’ll keep on keeping on.



Idiot statement of the week award goes to Liam Fox who talked about ‘tremendous’ globalisation.  What is this ‘globalisation’?  As  I understand it’s the free movement of goods, services and money around the world.  The trouble is it leaves poor countries poorer with the result that people from those countries want to follow the money trail.  And why shouldn’t they?


A couple of weeks I voiced the opinion that the Americans and the Russians had to get together to sort out a way forward for Syria.  They did and there was a ceasefire.  Then the American’s ‘accidentally’ bombed Syrian army soldiers, 80 or so dead.  British airforce is also involved in this, I hope Hilary Benn has noticed.  Then the Russians ‘accidentally’ bombed an aid convoy.  In revenge?  Who knows.  All the while the heat is off ISIL who will try and gain an advantage from situation.  I expect an attack on Mosul in Iraq in the next month or two.  I also expect a race to occupy the city between Iraqi government forces and Kurdish government forces.  Then I suspect they will take up arms against each other eventually.  My hopes for peace remain but I fear I am in the minority and am outnumbered by those who think there is a military solution.  Like Bosnia in the 90s it appears to be stalemate between the different forces in Syria.  The only way out, and I don’t hope for it, is that there will be an atrocity so bad, so shocking, and on a tv screen near you, that the Russians and American’s will be shamed into doing something they haven’t done so far.  Making peace.  It’s like watching two heavyweight fighters slugging it out, they’re still both on their feet, and both still thinking they can land a knockout punch.

If the world situation isn’t enough, I’ve been worrying about the health of my son.  He has been improving but it just feels wrong to be healthier than your kids.

The final word goes to Curtis.




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