Bob and his words


Don’t you just love it when the rich and powerful claim to be victims of injustice?  Every day another woman or two is brave enough to relive the trauma of a close encounter with Donald Trump and his only response is to call them liars and claim to be a victim.  I don’t buy it. Can you think of anything more revolting than the thought of that man’s tongue popping out of his mouth? 

This week Bob Dylan got a Nobel prize for literature and it made the news because it’s the first time a singer/ songwriter has received this.  Gary Barlow may have to wait a while to be the second.  It was by listening to a cover of one of his songs by The Stereophonics that I started my journey into Bob’s world.  The song was Positively 4th Street and here’s one of the verses;

‘You see me on the street, you always act surprised
You say “how are you?”, “good luck”, but ya don’t mean it
When you know as well as me, you’d rather see me paralyzed
Why don’t you just come out once and scream it’

He was going through an angry period of his life then.

As a victim of a street robbery I can empathise with anyone else who has this unpleasant experience.  Even Kim Kardashian.  But once you set that thought to one side the story gives you a window into her lifestyle.  Why the hell is she travelling around the world with £10 million pounds worth of jewellery?  It is a reminder that for some, being rich is not enough, they want the world to see it every second of every minute or every hour of every day.  Thankfully she wasn’t physically harmed and hopefuly she will recover from the trauma.

This week has been an interesting one for me on social media. Firstly I found an old friend who I’ve mentioned in previous blogs.  I last saw Rob in 1999 and he’s now in Australia and the proud dad of a little boy.  I have family over there too, as does Penny and it’s been great to link up with additions to my family network.  Some people think if you live outside the USA what you think about Trump should be kept to yourself.  I don’t agree. We’re getting so much coverage of it in the UK that I’m wondering when my polling card is going to pop through my letterbox.

Clowns are in the news.  My favourite pub is called The Clown but it’s nothing to do with Hastings finest.  One story that did catch my eye was one about professional clowns worried about their livelihood.  It might be a while before they get busy with children’s birthday parties again.

In other news this week there was a commemoration of the Aberfan disaster.  This event was 50 years this week and concerned the landslide of waste from the mining industry which buried a primary school as well as other buildings causing over 100 deaths, most of the children.  This event had many consequences, one of which was the Health and Safety at Work Act which placed a responsibility on employers to ensure the safety of their workers and that their actions didn’t put others at risk.  Personally I can cope with a few extra rules in the workplace, it’s a fair trade off to ensure children (and the rest of us) aren’t killed or injured.

The government appear to be backtracking on their plan to make businesses list their foreign workers.  This genius of an idea was announced by the Home Secretary, our very own MP locally by the name of Amber Rudd.  She must be counting her blessings at this years events.  Firstly she campaign’s to stay in the European Union but the nation votes otherwise.  Secondly she lands the job of Home Secretary for which there was a vacancy because the former one became Prime Minister.  By going from advocating remaining in the European Union to demanding that businesses list every foreigner in their workplace she is demonstrating just how unprincipled she is.  We can only be thankful she hasn’t asked all overseas workers to be distinguished in the workplace by the wearing of some armband.

Tomorrow I’m visiting London where I’ll be helping celebrate my nieces 18th.  Happy birthday Ceyda!

Things I recommend;  a bit of Bob in your life.

Things I don’t recommend; rubbing your wealth into people’s noses.


























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