Month: November 2016

Live Good

I wait and see how the death, and more importantly, the life, of Fidel Castro is portrayed by news outlets.  For the time being let us acknowledge that to survive and attempt to create a socialist society 90 miles from the coast of Florida for 57 years is a remarkable achievement.  It is not a perfect society but one where health care and education is free, just like it used to be in the UK.

‘They talk about the failure of socialism but where is the success of capitalism in Africa, Asia and Latin America?’
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The Human League, my part in their success

My brushes with fame and celebrity are limited and that’s ok.  I quite like my life being the way it is.  This week I got a flashback to my past.  An event I’d erased from my memory.  Not from shame.  But there’s only so much space in my brain and somewhere along the way the memory of me being in a pop video got wiped.  Until I saw Phil Oakey on The One Show last night. Continue reading “The Human League, my part in their success”

Portobello Road,W11.


I am glad to report that I have not been killed off by Facebook, unlike two million others.

An eventful weekend but a day of rest beckons.  On Friday night a trip to an Italian restaurant for Jane’s leaving do.  Jane has retired and she was surprised to see not just her colleagues from East Sussex there, but also people from Hastings Borough Council and some of the legendary Greenwich Girlies.  Jane left a few weeks ago, around the same time as one our colleagues was off work following surgery.  I got muddled up with what I’d done and not done and a week or so after her leaving she returned with her leaving card and slapped it in front of me because I’d not signed it.

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The best candidate is not on the ballot.

I have been, by my standards, fairly quiet about the US election.  I don’t have a vote.  None of my friends have a vote.  I have no one to persuade who can make a difference to what happens tonight.  Thankfully I can proudly say that not one of my friends has posted anything on social media that is supportive of Donald Trump.  Yet in 11 hours time I could wake up to learn he is President.   Not that I am wildly enthusiastic about Hilary.  No, not me.  For me Bernie was the man.  It’s a minor miracle that anyone can succeed in American politics when they describe themselves as a socialist.  Yet he has managed to be elected to firstly Congress, then the Senate since 1991.

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Happy Monday’s and other days too

It’s been a busy week and yesterday I spent a day in our Eastbourne office grappling with technology on my own until my colleagues came back from meetings etc. to help me.  I’ve been in contact with friends and family and making plans in my head for our next adventure, it’s gonna involve trains and boats and maybe a plane too.

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