Happy Monday’s and other days too

It’s been a busy week and yesterday I spent a day in our Eastbourne office grappling with technology on my own until my colleagues came back from meetings etc. to help me.  I’ve been in contact with friends and family and making plans in my head for our next adventure, it’s gonna involve trains and boats and maybe a plane too.

One big story this week is about footballers wearing poppy armbands.  Danny Mills got it spot on when he suggested the FA and the players could donate money earned from the match between England v Scotland to the Royal British Legion.  The full interview is here.


Another big story is the judgement in a court of law that Parliament must be key to the process of leaving the European Union.  It was an an act of Parliament that enabled Britain to join the EU.  The judgement was an assertion that power rests with parliament, not the Queen or the Prime Minister. One of the slogans of the Leavers was ‘ taking back control ‘, which is fine but now some of them aren’t happy about where power resides. The government will appeal so they can continue to negotiate without being accountable to parliament or even be subject to any level of scrutiny.  The judgement has caused the following headline;


Look we’re leaving the EU, I understand that.  But the referendum result was not the equivalent of giving one person the keys to a car and the rest of us piling in without a clue where we’re going.  The government must involve us in the process, we didn’t give them a blank cheque.

Things I recommend; something to brighten your week, thanks to Jafer for sending it to me.








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