Live Good

I wait and see how the death, and more importantly, the life, of Fidel Castro is portrayed by news outlets.  For the time being let us acknowledge that to survive and attempt to create a socialist society 90 miles from the coast of Florida for 57 years is a remarkable achievement.  It is not a perfect society but one where health care and education is free, just like it used to be in the UK.

‘They talk about the failure of socialism but where is the success of capitalism in Africa, Asia and Latin America?’

Earlier this week I spoke to Robert, who I haven’t spoken to for some 18 years and who is now living in western Australia in a small town of 32,000 people, 370 miles from the nearest big city of Perth.  Robert and I were in the same class in secondary school, studied English Literature at A level together, for a short time lived together in various flat shares in west and north London.  It was lovely to catch up with him.


I was disappointed to see Danny Baker leave the jungle last night, I thought he’d win it. Wrong once again.

This week the government laid bare how bad the state of the economy was, has been and will be.  In addition there were statistics highlighting that incomes are static and will be for a decade.


Have a good weekend, I leave you with a lovely track by Burning Spear, ‘Live Good’.

I do try.


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