Month: December 2016

The year of near misses

I’m in my retreat now.  No going out to share the roads with others.  No negotiating supermarket aisles with the masses.  Just me, Penny, Jafer, Kenan, the television, IPod, food and drink to look forward to.  And it’s what I need.  I’ve been poorly all week.  Monday was a day for coughing, Tuesday for perfecting my deep gravelly Tom Jones impersonation.  The coughing returned at nights so I could keep Penny awake and limit my sleep.  Back to work on Thursday but only to tie things up and ask for Friday off.  Yesterday and today my voice is at falsetto range, perfect for impersonating the Bee Gees.  But that’s it.  I can shut out the outside world.  Except I’m addicted to news.  On my phone, on my radio and on my television.  I won’t dwell on it until next time except to urge that that you all stay safe, warm and remember how lucky you are.  Of course anything could happen anywhere.  No one expected to get run over doing their Christmas shopping in Berlin.

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‘I’m not here to be angry. You dick!’

Another week then I’m off work for 10 days!  But it’s a bit of a slog at the moment and am hoping for a day or two that will be quiet and allow me to catch up with some tasks.  In the meantime I’m sorry to anyone that has worked with a grumpy old git this week, I aim to be back to normal grumpiness as opposed to super grumpiness.  Continue reading “‘I’m not here to be angry. You dick!’”

Where have 25 years gone?

Jafer 001.jpg

25 is a fantastic age.  Nearly as good as 51.  Today Jafer reaches that age.  Happy birthday.  Although I won’t be seeing him today we will be sharing the joy of a Palace victory v Hull later.  Or the despair of yet another bloody defeat to a team worse than us.  25 years ago Penny woke me in the early hours and I drove our rusty Ford Fiesta to North Middlesex Hospital where a few hours later Jafer was born.  We were living in a flat in Bounds Green at the time but were due to move to Durban Road in Tottenham a few weeks later.  Jafer was four weeks early, impatient to make his mark on the world.  We spent the first 9 years of his life in that house.  Continue reading “Where have 25 years gone?”

From security guard to President!

The sun is shining, the heating is on, Palace have won a game and the weekend is transformed.  Yesterday I met up with Jafer, Kenan and my Southampton supporting nephew Aydin for a Palace v Saints match.  Aydin is nothing other than the definition of commitment as he woke at 5 am to travel down to London from Manchester, I hope watching a 0V3 defeat didn’t spoil the day for him.  Possibly competing in the EFL Cup and the Europa League as well as the Premier League caught up with them.  Not that getting knocked out of the cups has done much for our form as we’ve taken the losing habit into league games too.  Until yesterday. Continue reading “From security guard to President!”