From security guard to President!

The sun is shining, the heating is on, Palace have won a game and the weekend is transformed.  Yesterday I met up with Jafer, Kenan and my Southampton supporting nephew Aydin for a Palace v Saints match.  Aydin is nothing other than the definition of commitment as he woke at 5 am to travel down to London from Manchester, I hope watching a 0V3 defeat didn’t spoil the day for him.  Possibly competing in the EFL Cup and the Europa League as well as the Premier League caught up with them.  Not that getting knocked out of the cups has done much for our form as we’ve taken the losing habit into league games too.  Until yesterday.

This week the former security guard of my local Argos in Seven Sisters Road, Holloway became President of Gambia.  I wish him well and hope his experience of life in north London enables him to govern wisely.

When do you become too old for an advent calendar?  This year is the first time we haven’t brought them for our adult boys of 24 and 21.  Is that something to report to Child Line?  I have a colleague at work who has one by her PC to allow the countdown to Christmas to be more visible.

I’m still trying to get my head around ‘post-truth’ and have been imagining what a left wing version of it might sound like.  This week a man froze to death in Birmingham whilst sleeping outdoors on the coldest night of the year.  Why don’t we ask the Queen to pick her favourite palace and house the homeless in the rest of them?  Why don’t we cancel the cost of Trident, give all the workers a million and still have billions left over to invest?  These are examples of outlandish statements that could be described as ‘post-truth’.

I enjoyed watching a documentary starring Jazzy B last week, he lived in Hornsey Rise and used to take the 14 bus into West End, just like I used to when I lived in that part of the world.  One fact that stood out for me is when he said Unemployment Benefit in that period of the 1980s was £40 per week.  30 years later it is £57.90 per week for someone under 25.  If it had been in line with inflation since then it would be £116 per week according to the Historic Inflation Calculator I used from this webpage.

This week I enjoyed a chat with Rocco and sought his advice on Beppe Grillo of the Five Star Movement, an Italian political party.  I will be wary of him as a result.  I have also arranged to meet up with some friends in London in late January and made other plans for next year.

I leave you with a collaboration between two sets of fine Londoners, Madness and Ian Dury.






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