‘I’m not here to be angry. You dick!’

Another week then I’m off work for 10 days!  But it’s a bit of a slog at the moment and am hoping for a day or two that will be quiet and allow me to catch up with some tasks.  In the meantime I’m sorry to anyone that has worked with a grumpy old git this week, I aim to be back to normal grumpiness as opposed to super grumpiness. 

In the past week I have seen Jafer and we had a lovely meal after enjoying a fine view over London from Greenwich.


During the week I had a staff Christmas meal and the day before attended some training on how to stay safe whilst working alone.

Pleasurable as all these undoubtedly are it has the effect of being quite tiring with all the travelling etc.  Last night Penny and I travelled to Brighton to see a variety of acts at the Brighton Dome.  At £26 a ticket the cost was reasonable and the money will go to a good cause.  Earlier in the week a colleague mentioned the cost of a ticket to a Guns and Roses gig being £95, one of many in a tour which is estimated to gross £90 million.  I find these kind of numbers a bit obscene.  Don’t they feel embarrassed to enrich themselves to this degree?  Even a little bit?

The main attraction on the bill last night was Paul Weller, who played a set alongside Robert Wyatt, Bill Ryder-Jones and a couple of other musicians.  Someone shouted out ‘why don’t you get angry?’ and Paul said ‘I’m here to make music.  I’m not here to get angry.  You dick’.  He had a point and he made it well because we all need some light relief from time to time.  After Paul, Robert and Bill had finished Jeremy Corbyn said a few words before introducing The Farm to play out the night with ‘All together now’, a song that summed up what the evening was about.

Whatever God you believe in, or if you have none, I urge you all to spend time with those you love.  And talk, text and Skype those you can’t be with.  I will only blog twice more before the end of the year.  Next week I will try and celebrate the highs of 2016 and the week after I will try and make sense, for me primarily, of 2016.  Which to those of us that advocate peace and love  has been awful.  Keep on keeping on and keep safe.


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