Month: January 2017

America First, except for the first Americans.

A busy and productive week in the office but the weekend is here.  Will Palace ever win a match?  Probably not today v Man City but a rendevous awaits and a meal with the boys in Upper Street.

One of our managers spotted me reading the news on my phone yesterday, ‘don’t bother, it’s all a load of shit’ she said.  She had a point, look what’s been happening…

Over the other side of the Atlantic Trump has been busy in his first week in office.  One of the measures he’s taken is to give energy companies the right to rip up territory lived in by the first American’s, the native ones, or the red ones or the ones the cowboys used to kill in those old movies that were on when I was a kid.  So America First doesn’t apply to the original American’s but to the descendants of immigrants who arrived in the last 300 years. Continue reading “America First, except for the first Americans.”

I’m just another failed rock star

I attended Tollington Park between 1976 -83 and this week a conversation was taking place about famous ex-students.  Everyone from actors from Eastenders, Grange Hill to Birds of a Feather was mentioned as well as the Kemp brothers from Spandau Ballet and Jazzie B from Soul II Soul. But whilst they were all locals most of those mentioned attended other secondary schools in Islington.  Two definite famous ex students are Minty from Eastenders and Donald McCullin, the world famous photographer who worked for newspapers and published iconic pictures such as this one from Northern Ireland.


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Hospital trolleys, Trump and Beatles

I’m burying myself in my work, keeping busy and looking for positives, which in my own world is easier.  I’m grateful to be in good health, especially as the health service appears to be overstretched to a point where people are in trolleys in hospital corridors.  The government will not take responsibility even though they fund the service.  Last year they decided the junior doctors were part of the problem.  Yesterday it was the General Practitioners.  During the week the Health Minister raised the issue of people arriving at A&E without urgent medical conditions.  Our mental health services are grossly underfunded.  If you are a teenager or a child experiencing mental health distress so severe you need a bed you will be lucky to find one near where you live.  If we funded our health service at the level of Germany the NHS would have an extra £40 billion.  I’m convinced the Tories are trying to starve the NHS so that people will think continuing the privatization of healthcare disgracefully started by Blair’s Labour government would make it better.  Bloody awful. Continue reading “Hospital trolleys, Trump and Beatles”

The DWP and their beautiful IT system

My first week back at work and straight back into dealing with the Department for Work and Pensions.  I was in a state of disbelief when I was told that a vulnerable adult was informed of a medical by text and his benefits had been disallowed as they hadn’t turned up.  On several other occasions I waited patiently listening to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons before being told that the ‘systems’ were down.  Code for telling you that their IT progerammes have crashed.  This is happening so regularly I’m beginning to wonder how truthful it is.  On the whole a positive week with progress being made in all areas. Continue reading “The DWP and their beautiful IT system”