America First, except for the first Americans.

A busy and productive week in the office but the weekend is here.  Will Palace ever win a match?  Probably not today v Man City but a rendevous awaits and a meal with the boys in Upper Street.

One of our managers spotted me reading the news on my phone yesterday, ‘don’t bother, it’s all a load of shit’ she said.  She had a point, look what’s been happening…

Over the other side of the Atlantic Trump has been busy in his first week in office.  One of the measures he’s taken is to give energy companies the right to rip up territory lived in by the first American’s, the native ones, or the red ones or the ones the cowboys used to kill in those old movies that were on when I was a kid.  So America First doesn’t apply to the original American’s but to the descendants of immigrants who arrived in the last 300 years.


The Obama’s are gone and they come across as a very nice couple.  I regard American democracy as dysfunctional and the powers of a President are limited if the Congress and Senate are opposed to him.  Obama did some good things, he could have done a lot more, and if he was able to we might not have Donald the Groper in office.  There have been calls for Michelle Obama to stand for President.  I would have hoped that the illusion that your husband’s achievements will give you a leg up had disappeared.  Remember what happened to Hilary?  Surely the American political system can throw up some candidates that aren’t married or related to previous candidates.

Over in Turkey the ruling party are up in arms because a Greek court allowed airmen who were seeking sanctuary the right to remain.  ‘Try them again’ says Mevlit Cavusoglu, the Foreign Minister.  What he’s really saying is that he doesn’t think much of the independence of the Greek judiciary if he thinks a second trial will result in a different outcome.  And it indicates how he values the importance on an independent judiciary in Turkey.  Do you remember when Brexit supporters were outraged by British judges deciding Parliament had to be involved in the process of exiting the EU?  An independent judiciary is not a luxury but a necessity in a free society.

A week ago I had lunch with an ex colleauge who told me she had a hospital appointments to get her breasts squashed.  Politeness demanded my silence so I took what was said at face value.  I’ve since learned what happens in a mammogram.  Even at 51 I have a lot to learn.

Things I recommend; staying alert and aware of events.






  1. America was founded by the Europeans who colonized the Atlantic coast of North America.

    The indigenous peoples of the North American continent preceded America by millennia and so, had nothing whatsoever to do with America or being American.

    The cultures of the great majority of indigenous people the world over were destroyed and assimilated into technologically superior cultures.

    So the present day Americans of European ancestry are guilty of nothing concerning the worldwide demise of their indigenous predecessors.

    And the so-called “Native” Americans of the Dakotas can protest all they want in their Chinese made shirts, pants, underwear, shoes and smart phones.

    And maybe they would like to trade in their gas-powered vehicles for the horses that were bequeathed to them by the European Spaniards.

    The truth is, that the “Native” American is as fond of modern American living as any other American.

    And that makes the protests in the Dakotas an example of rank hypocrisy and just plain, ordinary stupid.


  2. Firstly, thanks for your comments, but I would like to respond to them.

    You say the European colonisers founded America. Whether it was called America or something else doesn’t detract from the fact that the original inhabitants of what Europeans called America are the people you now refer to as Native American’s.

    You then refer to indigenous people being destroyed by technologically superior cultures. Only technologically? Or do you subscribe to the notion that they were destroyed by racially superior cultures too? Please clarify. Then I will know where you’re coming from.


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