Good morning all, the weekend is here. A busy week and one where my mum continues to make a recovery from her operation last weekend.  I’ll be heading for the glamorous confines of the North Middlesex tomorrow.

It’s been an eventful week news wise.  SEE YOU IN COURT tweeted Trump.  Am I missing something?  The judges have already said that Trump twice exceeded his powers on two occasions.  We’ll see what the Supreme Court says too.  More American’s are killed by guns in five hours than are killed by terrorists in a year.  But why look at yourself for solutions when you can blame someone else?

Here at home Wikipedia have decided that the Daily Mail can’t be relied upon as a source of facts.  Maybe a source of ‘alternative facts’ but prone to making assertions without evidence and sometimes in the face of it.

The news about the crisis in health and social care continues.  Surrey County Council Conservative leader David Hodges said this in an article printed on January 24th.

“I believe we have a duty to look after people. We cut £450 million already, we squeezed every efficiency and we can do no more. I am sick and tired of politicians not telling the truth.  Surrey people have the right to know and I’m not going to lie.”

He appeared to be ready to take on his own government then.  15 days later he texted this to someone he thought was the special adviser to a government minister.

‘the numbers you indicated are the numbers that I understand are acceptable for me to accept and call off the R… [Referendum]

(I) Really want to kill this off.

It now appears appears Surrey have been given access to additional money.

Or to you and me : a bribe.

‘Was the Surrey council tax referendum a swindle all along? said Polly Toynbee, Guardian columnist who attacked the Labour Party in Surrey for its lack of support for the referendum.  What do you think?  If it smells of crap there’s probably a reason.

I want to end by saying thanks to my sisters who have devotedly cared for my mum in hospital in the past week.  I hope we can all be sitting on the sofa again soon.



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