Month: March 2017

Enjoy life

My three day week became a two day week as Wednesday greeted me with a bout of sickness and a day allowing my body to recover.  Thursday was Penny’s birthday and Jafer and Kenan have visited for the weekend and we will celebrate later tonight in Flavours of India along with Yazeed, our visitor from Saudi Arabia.

And birthday celebrations are part of the life cycle which we must honour if we are to make sense of events.  Like many of you I have been silent about events in London on Wednesday.  The news was like a punch in the gut.  In the absence of information on the day a man killed five people and injured many more we have speculation.  Channel 4 even provided us with a name of a suspect.  Who turned out to be still in prison, as far as his solicitor knew.  By the following day the identity of the killer was known and he turned out to be a British born convert to Islam from a black British family who had a normal childhood in a village not far from where I live in Hastings, it’s about halfway to Tenterden.  I don’t have simple solutions to making the world a safer place.  Because there aren’t any.  Mr. Masood was not here because of freedom of movement within the European Union.  Mr. Masood was in the UK because he was born here.  Mr. Masood’s family in all likelihood migrated to Britain because they were part of the British Commonwealth.  Which used to be called the British Empire.  So Mr. Masood and I have something in common.  We are both in the UK as a result of historical events before our lifetimes.  But don’t worry, I am not going to kill people. Continue reading “Enjoy life”

Taking the Mick

An exhausting week, all I can face today is pottering around, writing and hopefully watching Palace beat Watford on a live internet stream later.  And a 3 day week to look forward to as I’m using up what’s left of my annual leave.

Are the best things in life free?  Maybe not for some.  I once (1990-91) completed what was called The Counselling Intensive course at City University. I was working at a small care home in south London and Bernadette and Karen had preceded me on this course and it came recommended.  I went along for the interview and the course leader, a middle aged bald man called Dave took me and two others across the road into the square and we sat on a bench.  ‘Why do you want to do this course?’ he asked us all.  I explained how I’d been doing a 10 week course in speaking and listening and had come to the realisation that I was quite good at listening already.  But the speaking was the problem.  Dave nodded as I was speaking.  A place on the course was mine. Continue reading “Taking the Mick”

Erdogan and his war on Europe’s Nazis.

‘Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.’

So said Muhammad Ali.  Last week the Tory Chancellor announced tax increases for the self-employed.  Today the government did what some might have said was impossible. Make no mistake, this is not an honourable retreat.  It is a defeat and shows that if they come under sustained pressure they have to give in or face the voters fury at the next election.


Continue reading “Erdogan and his war on Europe’s Nazis.”

Don’t be a cabbage

A two nil victory, the second successive victory and out of the bottom three, suddenly the weekend is getting better!  But it has been another grinding week in adult social care and I’ve felt lacking in energy or motivation to do much all day.  Earlier in the week I tasted something unusual with my lunch.  My fillings!  Although blessed with a full set of teeth (and hair) a trip to the dentist beckons on Monday.  It’s been a few years since I’ve last visited.  I know!  Do as I say, not as I do! Continue reading “Don’t be a cabbage”